12 thoughts on “The TWiT network is in direct violation of an Apple directive”

  1. The real irony in watching the TWiT Live stream of this sort of event is 90% or so of the commentary is exactly the sort of snark and negativity that gets people kicked from the TWiT IRC room.

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  2. You have to remember though HelloWorld, this is the same man that defied a no-video request and used a lap top to transmit Steve Jobs giving a keynote. Does it really surprise anyone that he would defy such a notice.

    He doesn’t care about law anymore than he gives a crap about his employee’s.

    Just like the only reason that Shannon more will have a weekly spot on BYB is because it got out that she was being dumped and they couldn’t be seen to be so damn devious cold and nasty. Pretty soon though she will vanish from BYB. It will start with one week per month that she doesn’t have a review item, then two, then three. It will just be less clean a cut for them than they intended.

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  3. I just would like to say that re-broadcasting an pple event or a google event or even a microsoft event or anykind of event is just plain laziness, quite frankly not journalism at all.

    a real journalism would be a media outfit like ign, buzzfeed, the verge, would sending someone on a event or just watch the live stream, write a page on it about the event, what was announced, what was the event for, and published it and not just sit on a studio and re-broadcast it.

    back in the day, Leo would send people like Tom, or Fr. Robert, or Dick or even brian brushwood on an event like ces or e3 and report on what was the news live on site. but now…. I don’t know. they would just sit their bums inside the studio, re-broadcast a live event and call it journalism!? that’s what you call the CNN of the internet?!


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  4. Just after the 10 minute point, Leo said that Walt Mossberg gets his reward each year in response to Tim Cook citing Mossberg’s positive review of the iPhone 6. Maybe somebody should ping Walt to see if he wants to respond to Leo’s smear. Rather hypocritical too considering Leo puts out 3 different shows a week for each of Apple’s main products (iPhone, iPad, Mac).

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  5. I, for one, enjoyed hanging out on irc.dtns.tv with Tom and a bunch of chatrealm regulars while many of us watched Apple’s livestream via our respective Apple devices. Later on, I caught the last half-hour or so of post-announcement analysis on 5by5’s livestream.

    And it was all drama-free. 🙂

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