5 thoughts on “TNT still not ready for primetime”

      1. He’s currently in denial that Google+ is dead. Though since he has been trying to cultivate a following on Ello by spamming the other social media platforms begging people to following him there he must know on a subconscious level.

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  1. I don’t even know who these guests are any more.

    It’s like TWiT isn’t even trying to get big names anymore….-OR- more likely, big names don’t want to be associated with TWiT stuff anymore.

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  2. I am starting to think that Leo & Gum have alienated or banned so many from the realm of TWiT that it is now getting impossible to get decent people. In fact even with those that have something valuable to say you can see them reading the report off another screen or a window on the screen. The best example of this is Mark Gurman where it is blatant that he is reading his own piece back and does it word for word.

    The format just doesn’t work.

    Compare it to DTNS and it is a true discussion of the news, it is reported but there is some thought about the story other than planned questions and hoped for answers which is the Elgan M.O. and he cannot deal if the person deviates.

    I cannot be alone in thinking that TNT is painful to watch and impossible to just listen to. It is like some sort of SNL parody!

    I’m watching Tom Merritt with Mary Jo Foley joining him. It is amazing how much better it is, even than Windows Weekly, she is getting express what she cannot because Soup cuts in and breaks the stream of what is being said and derails her. It’s both watchable (even with the low bandwidth in the hotel room) and great to listen to.

    A Night and Day experience.

    Meanwhile the only thing in the back of my mind is;

    Will MJF find her self exiled from Windows Weekly for crossing Soup’s line in the sand and collaborating with the imagined enemy in the War that Leo has in his psychologically damaged mind.

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