Leo Laporte talks about his fugly fiancée

Portly tech fuck Leo Laporte talks about what at first we think is three separate people, but in fact is actually just one person: Lisa Kentzell…Laporte’s girlfriend, CEHO and fiancée. She’s also the gold-digging sex fiend who will bankrupt him, and later survive him after his obesity-driven early demise. Paul Thurrott wouldn’t stop yapping so you have to listen carefully as Laporte regales the audience with how “strong” Lisa is, and how “tough” she is.

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    1. THurott was caught in the usual Skype delay hell, so was MaryJo, so no yapping occurs.

      And Thurott said “she is the dictator” as in all women of marriage, THE not A.

      If your gonna poke fun, fine, but at least get some facts straight.

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  1. I’m gonna print that picture of her face and wear it as a mask for Halloween. The neighborhood kids will be scared shitless.

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  2. Poor Leo. Good looking women are now banished from Twit, lest he be reminded of what one actually looks like!

    The only viable female he has left to hit on is Sarah, leaving his Twit audience to deal with the uncomfortable aftermath of such events. Expect many more CEO-inspired talks about how much Sarah costs soon!

    Oh alright, there’s weekend Heather too, encased behind glass for her own protection. But she’s mostly Clear Channel’s doing, and paid by them. Besides, Leo’s not in a band, so her interest in him will be limited.

    Meanwhile his Simian Sizzler, Yogapants Yoko, the woman he has so much in common with beyond Twit (like the 49’ers, and their shared love of Madonna music) is determined one particular new vacancy won’t be filled for now – that of Leo’s new mistress.

    Sorry Shannon Morse. You should’ve tried looking more ugly if you wanted better prospects around there. But at least you hopefully get some more money out of these two for a brief period. They can’t completely ditch you, whilst you’re on your honeymoon, without appearing like a pair of cruel and evil sleazebags. Not that this was ever the plan, of course. Perish the thought!

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    1. You can bet that if she had not been alerted to the stealth dumping that Shannon would have been gone and they would have just said that the had other commitments that clashed.

      Instead it will be a slower pushing out the door.

      I finally watched the inside Twit (edited version) late Wednesday in which the alleged incoming calls were received. Yet again they were carefully chosen. Amazing, someone that Leo used to work with magically gets through and they have a long, long, very long chat reminiscing about the good old days. The other questions were carefully chosen to be easy to answer and did not place them in a spot.

      Will they have another “Inside TWaT” this coming Wednesday. I don’t know, don’t really care.

      In fact while my devices have been streaming Flosoft, I have not bothered watching. I almost watched the Apple announcement but then decided that I could just stream it instead to the Apple TV and not have to endure Snide comments from #Gum & #Soup while they blocked Sarah Lane from saying much. Though I had over the few days before made a mental note of the “Tech Pundit’s” predictions and yet again, like always, #Soup got them all wrong, completely wrong, proving that he is no more a Tech Guru or Pundit than #Slop is a ‘Great Businesswoman’.

      Aaaah time for me to leave for L.A. for a meeting. Toodle Pip!

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      1. Yeah Snubs shouldn’t get too comfortable, she got yanked off before you buy because she was told she was “a bad fit” then put on coding 101 with padre and now being sent back to the show she was a bad fit for. All within a year timespan. It’s safe to assume this site breaking the news gave her at least a few more months of work at twit.

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    2. Dead on. I understand a midlife crisis (a bit late for Leo Ladouche), but why wreck your family and screw your network to fuck that thing? The point of having money is so that you don’t have to wait until 2am to pick up the last ugly chick at the bar. Fucking Hell.

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  3. I found this site after a friend sent me video of Leo making some very disgusting remarks to Sarah Lane but I would have never thought in a million years that I would see comments in chat that were 100 times worse than was ever said on TWiT from the same people who claim to be against it.

    On this very blog they tout themselves as being a beacon on the hill and the purveyors of #Truth against all things evil but in reality it is gathering spot for very sick depraved people and the racism, homophobia and xenophobia is off the charts.

    Over a period of several days I witnessed threats of violence which included rape and sexism galore.

    These sickos specifically target female employees and broadcasters like Sarah Lane, Christina Warren, Shannon Morse, Lisa Kentzell, Tonya Hall, Gina Tripani and Mary Jo Foley who are frequently called whores, fat, sluts, bitches, cunts, lesbos and many other hateful degrading slurs.

    Comments are made about makeup, hair, weight, eyebrows, lips, chin, neck and everything else these creeps feel like regurgitating.

    They also love making homophobic remarks against employees like against Chad Johnson and chat moderators like Dan.

    I could sit back and make myself believe that this is just trolling but I can’t just dismiss this frightening behavior. It must be stopped before it gets out of hand.

    Just go through the chat log and do a search for “gun”, you’ll find a very specific threat from an individual who blogs for this site.

    Although I wasn’t able to log the gun comment, this Morning I was blown away by the absolutely vile, abhorrent and racist comments in the chat which you will see below.

    [03:44] cmt1: who think the black community are a bunch of fucking whiney pathetic babies who blame every problem in their life on big bad whitey

    [03:47] cmt1: if there is 'white privilege' anymore, it's passive white privilege based solely on financial advantage from your parents at birth
    [03:47] cmt1: its not a systemic thing

    [03:47] cmt1: in fact, systemically, legally, blacks have the advantage

    [03:47] cmt1: there are laws in place giving blacks the legal advantage

    [03:47] cmt1: there are also programs in place giving blacks financial advantage

    [03:47] L-Hag: How come I'm not allowed to say that I'm white and proud?

    [03:47] cmt1: such as minority only scholarships

    [03:50] cmt1: there is no fucking conspiracy to keep the black man down

    [03:50] cmt1: you know why more blacks get busted for drugs?

    [03:50] L-Hag: Because they do drugs?

    [03:50] cmt1: per capita, its far more likely for a black person to have drugs. they make themselves easy targets

    [03:50] cmt1: also, per capita, they commit a lot more crime

    [03:50] cmt1: thus making them an easy target

    [03:53] L-Hag: Whenever I see a group of skinny black males wearing wide brim hats hanging out I leave and I will never turn my back on one.

    [04:04] L-Hag: Look at Hati and the Dominican Republic. One island is a thriving tourist attraction and the other is an impoverished shithole that survives on handouts from the UN and Red Cross.

    [04:06] L-Hag: The people and the culture are screwed up world wide. I really wish we would accept this fact and figure out how to solve it.

    [04:08] L-Hag: I'll give you another example, the Ramona Gardens projects in Los Angeles was a crime filled cesspool until the mexicans took over now its a safe place where families and children can play without worrying about getting mugged or shot.

    [04:13] cmt1: the issue is culture in america. thats not always the case though. i dont blame many places in africa, for example, where even getting fresh clean water is a severe challenge

    [04:13] cmt1: its difficult to overcome something like that. a lot more difficult than it is to overcome the 'peer pressure' to join a gang and smoke crack

    [04:13] cmt1: and be lazy and steal because 'fuck the white man

    You racist, sexist and homophobic psychopaths need to go back into the hole you crawled from and die!

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    1. Congratulations, you have discovered what freedom of expression means. Yes. the two gentlemen you quoted are racist. Obviously so. And this is not the only place where cmt1 goes to express his hate. This morning he was not only here, but several other chat rooms frequented by tech enthusiasts.

      But you are misrepresenting the general tone of this site, if you are saying that these two are representative of the kind of people that run it and write for it.

      This site, and its chatroom, were created in response to heavy censorship and thought control measures employed in #twitlive IRC channel run by TWiT. Leo Laporte, after firing Tom Merritt, said “go elsewhere” if you want to criticize him. He was not interested in any feedback in his own chat. Mods where instructed to enforce this with heavy hand, and many people got banned for the most trivial of comments about him.

      So the goal here was to provide a place that would allow true freedom of expression, to remove the threat of ban and banishment for every little comment. An experiment in ultimate freedom if you will.

      And for the most part it worked well. Most of the time there is a civilized fun conversation going on. But there are times when individuals come, like cmt above, usually when no one else is awake, to vent their racist theories and what not.

      Have we gone too far in allowing everything? Perhaps. Until this moment there have been no bans at all. But the fear of turning into thought control sadist fest like TWiT chat is strong.

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      1. Yes, you are misrepresenting the site, and now you are being completely dishonest. There are no death threats and as for misogyny I’d advise you to lookup what it means. Since you have obviously seen how we have dealt with cmt, and chose not to mention it skewing the impression one way, I feel there will be no need to further expand my explanation.

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  4. Uh huh..and then there is this..

    In the middle of the night
    In the middle of the night, I call your name

    Oh Yoko, oh Yoko
    My love will turn you on

    In the middle of a bath
    In the middle of a bath, I call your name

    Oh Yoko, oh Yoko
    My love will turn you on
    My love will turn you on

    In the middle of a shave
    In the middle of a shave, I call your name

    Oh Yoko, oh Yoko
    My love will turn you on

    In the middle of a dream
    In the middle of a dream, I call your name

    Oh Yoko, oh Yoko
    My love will turn you on
    My love will turn you on, right

    In the middle of a cloud
    In the middle of a cloud, I call your name

    Oh Yoko, oh Yoko
    My love will turn you on
    Oh Yoko, oh Yoko
    Oh Yoko, oh Yoko”
    Just saying…

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