Got To Do It

Were B&J lying?  No
Were B&J honest? Yes
But did they tell you everything?     No Sir E

Relax, not gonna say anything bad, we are lovers not haters.

JuRY and Brushwood will respond to the upcoming video next Tuesday night in his post show (maybe?)

Tune in for the madness at:

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11 thoughts on “Got To Do It”

        1. Why not? seems to be the thing to do here, I truly doubt that half the ass-kissing posts here are more than a couple of people.

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          1. i’ve been watching this site grow in posts and in chat since damn near the inception and I can honestly say I’m impressed that it has become a safe haven for people that miss what they loved most about TWiT; the community. That community was left to eat it’s own genitalia because that is the way Leo wanted it. Thing is his hubris didn’t allow him to notice how unique what he had built was. It was irreplaceable. TWiT ex-pats find a home here where they can speak about their feelings without being threatened or banned. It is wonderful that a place like that exists even if it has no direct impact upon the network that many miss most. Just being able to commiserate about what once was is therapeutic enough.

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          2. Well I’m not one, I use my real name. I can’t do that in TWiT chat, because that’s a closed community. Ass kissing sycophants are the only people allowed in there.

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  1. goddamn. i watched this three times. Now to go to bed with a smile on my face. Keep doing God’s work content creators. and to all those opposed? get in the ring motherfuckers and will kick your bitchy lil ass, punk.

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  2. So a user wanted to know why the Previously Recorded video was out of sync…

    [15:54] [ron-n-nc] Hey can I ask is it me or is the sound out of sync with the video?

    [15:56] [@ScooterX] ron-n-nc: that’s a feature of VLC playback of reruns on the stream.

    40 minutes later burke let out this outburst and there is no context. He just felt like typing that in the channel.

    [16:35] [+burke] press=scumbags

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