Elgum hits it out of the park again with his amazing speaking skills

TWiT “News Director” Mike Elgan is just an embarrassing mess of an anchor. One would think that being able to at least get a sentence out of your mouth without stumbling all over it like a drunken frat boy on Whiskey Night was a prerequisite for doing the news. Apparently that’s not the case as showcased in this clip from a recent TNT. Leo should fire you for gross incompetence and then fire himself. By the way, this post is exactly the reason why we here at #TotalDrama have dubbed him “Elgum.”

7 thoughts on “Elgum hits it out of the park again with his amazing speaking skills”

  1. It is just painful enduring this bumbling pile of dog fecal matter!

    The more I try and try it just gets worse! He fumbles like a kindergarten pupil reading a sentence off a board. He has a fucking autoqueue and still fumbles and that fat ignorant self important blob still tries to convince himself that elgum is top notch and professional.

    Today he spent most of the show playing his usual anti-Apple propaganda.

    Why can’t he go back from where he crawled out of.

    We have to suffer because him and laporte met at a swingers party! It is just not right, this is cruel and unusual punishment!

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    1. What we are hearing is someone speaking off the top , not using a prompter, not scripted. If you dont know about algorithms and how Google uses them and how they use their words, then you dont know google; IOW, you kind of have to know a little more about google to understand what gum is saying.

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  2. Shame Total Drama doesn’t have a Google+ community where we can all contribute a little more. A nice closed community that supports the fight against this inhumanity and torture.

    Where we can discuss TWiT shows and call out time slots that are worthy of improving or highlighting. LOL

    Oh and sorry if I insulted anyone with my language in the first comment! I was just rather irritated that I had forced myself to watch about 40 minutes of Friar Tuck’s Show “Bring back the 1930’s” and he manages to make me channel the inner foul mouths slob that I try so badly to hide!

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  3. דאַנקען גאָט

    Oops, wrong comment.

    In any case, an idiot. I thought I was understanding, just on the brink of a breakthrough….. then no. Gone. Lost.

    ChinaL bad
    RussiaL Oligarchy …bad

    I cannot believe that he is there. The advertisers are lost, Leo is lost. I am so sad.



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