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A close call for Leo Laporte

Update: Leo actually played this video on the pre-show to Sunday’s “TWiT.” Click here to read updated post.

Leo Laporte, known by a dwindling few as “The Tech Guy,” narrowly avoids being “taken.” Thank God he’s OK. Otherwise we’d have to send out a team of highly-trained individuals with a very particular set of skills.

Massive changes hit TWiT schedule

Sarah, Chad and Amber have had their shows axed.
Sarah, Chad and Amber have had their shows axed.

Massive changes have hit the TWiT schedule—and they have hit hard. Lisa’s memo was posted here, but it’s repeated below just in case the a-holes at TWiT HQ take it down. (We are very thorough here at #TotalDrama.) Many avid TWiT hate-watchers are scratching their heads in absolute disbelief that Two Ton Tonya’s bullshit marketing show “Marketing Mavericks” didn’t get the ax. As a result, Sarah Lane is hanging by a thread and Chad Johnson should be looking for other work. The flame-headed freak has had his network presence slashed to the bone.

Here’s Lisa’s memo in all its “You’re Fired” glory:

As we head into October, there will be a few changes on TWiT.
Starting next week, OMGcraft will be leaving our network. Chad “OMGchad” Johnson will continue his show independently, and new episodes will be posted on the OMGcraft YouTube channel.
We are also retiring The Social Hour. Originally called net@night, it is one of our longest-running netcasts, starting when “social media” was still in its infancy. As the landscape has matured and trends have shifted towards apps, we feel that social media coverage is now a part of almost every show on our network.
For similar reasons, redditUP will also be going on hiatus. It may return in a revamped form at some point.
Chad will continue to co-host The Giz Wiz, and you’ll still see him at the Tricaster throughout the week. Sarah Lane will continue to host Tech News 2Night and iFive for the iPhone, in addition to co-hosting iPad Today. You can keep up with Amber MacArthur’s latest projects by following @ambermac on Twitter.
Marketing Mavericks will be moving to Thursdays at 12 noon, starting on October 2.
As always, we appreciate your support as we go through these changes. Leo and I continuously strive to make TWiT the best it can be and we couldn’t do it without you.

In a possibly related move, it appears that Sarah Lane’s Wikipedia entry has been deleted.