Robert Scoble snoops on Leo Laporte’s laptop

Noted freeloader and bizarre internet personality Robert Scoble snoops on Leo Laporte’s laptop during a recent pre-taping of “Triangulation” in front of a studio audience.

Why do the #twitlive chatroom moderators insist on creating a “family-friendly” audience when the livestream is filled constantly with x-rated garbage? We’re guessing here at #TotalDrama that the only people who know the answer to that complex riddle is Dan the Head Moderator’s therapist and/or Mommy.

4 thoughts on “Robert Scoble snoops on Leo Laporte’s laptop”

  1. The trouble is that they are not creating a family friendly audience. I believe that you would find that they are intent on building a LEO FRIENDLY audience om the IRC. They don’t want anyone criticizing LEO or any of the Sycophantic minions. Strangely enough they don’t give a crap about comments about those that are merely suffering under the totalitarian rein of Leo’s CEhO!

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  2. The IRC channel is a direct representation of twit and as such can be used against them. Lisa shouldn’t allow for that type of liability to be controlled be the volunteer neo nazi power hungry fucks. Open it up or shut it down..

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    1. I do agree with you Notus about the IRC, sadly I think it is too late and all they are interested in is the sucking up type of user of the IRC and they are happy for their Fascist Mods to ban anyone that they deem to be of the slightest ‘not sucking up’ type of person.

      I think that all that is left are a few dissenters and the rest are the suckups that have to try and be in his Clash of Clans clan, when he suggested that he was going back to playing the Simpsons tapped out they all wanted to friend him on that as well in a massive rush.

      In fact a good indication as to how many have had those blinkers removed and seen exactly how he is can be seen in the Clash of Clans. At one time they had his clan and two feeder clans. All were full. These days they have one feeder clan that no longer seems to be feeding and his clan is always short of members. It used to be occasionally down to 49 but these days it seems to be 40 or less.

      Never mind, Mike Elgan is going off to visit Syria end of October, Ahem, American Journalist in Syria??? I’m wonder if there is any chance of a kidnapping???

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  3. I put it to you that this is a symbiotic relationship. You are correct in stating that the drivel produced by Leo Laporte, Mike Elgan, Robert Ballecer, Jeff Jarvis, etc in the live-stream is garbage. But, this in turn attracts viewers who merely flock to the programmes simply as a form of gazing at the chimpanzees in the zoo and an easy release from the hectic day job. The ravishing Sarah Lane and Shannon Morse excluded from this simile as they are no chimp’s.

    As for the Moderators, well they can be best described as “flies landing and feasting on the TWiT excrement and grazing on their only form of mental and physical nourishment. Do not cast aside these Moderators in this ecosystem as they are therefore contained within this pitiful locality to fester and become more putrified and sad. This is a better outcome than Dan (the chief fly) & his swarm spreading their vile bacterium and gloomy lives to the tech community or other forums.

    I enjoy reading your website but can be found in TWiT IRC studying the lowlife (Moderators) for my psychology thesis. Sorry but I am not going to give you my real chat name as I don’t want to be banned by them.

    Keep up the good work as this seems to be the only place we can speak freely about everything that is wrong with

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