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Bizarre video of Sarah Lane surfaces

An inexplicable video mash-up has surfaced including clips from a recent TN2 broadcast by the lovely and talented Sarah Lane. In this clip (allegedly discovered on Leo Laporte’s public cloud account and sent anonymously to #TotalDrama) we see Sarah in what can only be described as a disturbing video edit by Leo. No word yet on the meaning or reasoning behind this bizarre video.

Leo Laporte rethinks his business plan, live on the air

Leo Laporte, founder of TWiT, rethinks his entire business plan live on the air during a recent taping of “This Week in Google.” Jeff Jarvis introduces the idea of businesses using remote contributors in a discussion about the closure of the print edition of “MacWorld” magazine. You can actually see Leo’s mind go blank as he contemplates the death of his empire and scrambles to come up with some cost-saving ideas. He then continues to talk; not exactly sure of what will come out of his own mouth next.