7 thoughts on “Scott Wilkinson’s laugh will steal your soul”

  1. LOL. I fucking hate Scott Wilkinson. I guess that means I only like Sarah Lane and Jason Howell the rest of that studio can burn in hell. I lost a lot of resrect for Dickie D after he encouraged that inane, self gratuitous diatribe from #soup, otherwise i used to like him.

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  2. I have to agree, my list of liked members of the crew has shrunk though;

    In fact I respect Jason Howell at lot for putting up with the shit he has to deal with. I am sure this week I did hear a pre-show snide comment directed at Elgum about the pro-google bias but he slipped it in so fast that it flew over that stuttering simpleton’s head and went un-noticed. I went back through the DVR to see what happened this morning and noticed that everyone turned their backs on Elgum after the end of TNT and blanked him.

    I suspect that many of the background crew are not happy either but when they have families and financial obligations they just sink low. It could explain that applause at the end of every Sarah Lane show to make it clear where they side.

    Dickie D, like many of the remote hosts, have an easy out.

    Chad Johnson should be called ‘roid or piles because when Leo’s about all you can see is his feet hanging out of Leo’s arse like a hemorrhoid! He is so hungry to be on camera that he will go round and check something in the camera just so everyone knows he exists. And for god’s sake boy! Get rid of the bright red hair, you look like you fell out of a box of Swan Vesta Matches.

    Leo wants to be surrounded by YES people, that’s why he likes the sycophants on the IRC that suck up to him and why people get kicked for the slightest dissent shown. It is not about being family friendly. HE IS NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY it’s all about the yes people. The ones that suck up to him and he likes the hosts that suck up to them. That’s why Sarah Lane and Jason Howell are jammed into a cubby hole walkway along with a couple of the editors, they are not YES people enough but do their job too well to sent to gulag!

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