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TWiT’s Sad Slide Toward the Green Screen

Possible shooting location for TWiT
Possible shooting location for TWiT
It’s been widely reported that Leo Laporte is losing his million-dollar studio to a bar and brewery. Unable to cover the losses from Alex Lindsay’s Pixelcorps leaving their space ($10,000 per month), multiple cost-cutting measures have been implemented, such as the unceremonious firing of Mike Elgan and the cancelling of many shows, including those of possibly-racist Megan Morrone.

Expect more of this
Expect more of this.
During the latest TWiG’s preshow, Leo explains how he and Lisa are going to drop video from new shows — plus possibly dropping it from existing shows — as he’s threatened many times before. Leo Laporte goes on to explain that he has instructed John (JammerB) to film the studio for hours at a time during all times of the day so that he can downsize the TWiT operation to a sad green screen chroma key.

Pricing for the same ship during next year's New Year's Eve cruise.
Pricing for the same ship during next year’s New Year’s Eve cruise.
Will this be enough to pay for more two-story suites on cruise ships that cost $20,000+ per week (360 video)?

Will Leo have to force EffenDumb to drive for Uber in his down time to make up the slack?

Will Carly have to — God, we don’t want to even imagine. Hopefully TWiT lands on its beetus-ridden feet soon.