It’s official, TWiT is moving from their million dollar studio into a piece of shit new space yet to be determined

Well, folks. This is the beginning of the end for Leo’s vaunted “CNN of Tech.” Lisa Laporte has screamed via her Twitter account that TWiT is indeed moving out of the million-dollar Shit Twithouse. The new location is yet to be determined…but the editorial board at Total Drama is prepared to wager the new digs will be a much, much shittier place to work than the bizarro world that Leo has created for himself in downtown Petaluma.

Crazy eyes, threatening smile...we fear the worst
Lisa Laporte is proud to announce that TWiT is moving AGAIN. Why is this something to be proud of?

Odds are that they are moving to some completely lame industrial park space where potential guests will be double- and triple-checking their GPS coordinates and muttering to themselves, “Where the FUCK is this place?”

Perhaps most interesting of all will be to hear Leo’s spin on moving out of downtown, even farther away from the action of Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

Padre has been heard to already be fighting over office space wherever they end up. And I can just imagine the matching parking spots labelled “Chief TWiT” and “CEO.” Gag me already.

We’re waiting for Megan Morrone’s racist response.

64 thoughts on “It’s official, TWiT is moving from their million dollar studio into a piece of shit new space yet to be determined”

    1. JCD bought a brick. Right?

      Then I don’t know if it was in chat or the comments on a diff story but I swear I heard that Leo once again attacked JCD saying “he’s just doing a character. He does not know how to be genuine.” Is Leo fucking serious???


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      1. I wonder who the character is that JCD is doing? This is just to imply that JCD is a phony or not worth taking seriously. I’ve followed JCD forever and he always seems like the same guy to me.

        Leo is the phony with the never-ending fake laugh of his. The laugh makes me sick. What is so funny that he is laughing all the time at everything with an obviously phony laugh. People who do this all the time, like Leo, have a mental disorder.

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          1. I also came to TWiT because of JCD. It was March of 2012. Leo was still doing something neat back then. Still doing Shit from SkyMall on The Giz Wiz. Hell, still doing the fucking Giz Wiz. I stayed around because Tom and TNT was pretty great minus that gal that always showed up late, Sarah. At this time, the flagship show was strong and JCD was doing it 2x a month. It was great and kept me hanging around TWiT. Also Framerate was great because Shwood wasn’t acting all uber douchey yet. I stuck around some more. Then it all started falling apart so I stuck around for the trainwreck. The trainwreck is ah-maz-ing and incredibly terrible because it because it is always progressing from this fairly sweet business that Leo Laporte built then missed the boat on capitalizing on it at it’s peak (or even sustain it once it got there), and now is hell bent on running it into a brick wall whilst scheming about ways to capitalize on his ownership portion whilst also fucking over his ex-wife in the process.


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  1. The landlord leasing to a bar is just an excuse to cover up the fact that Lisa failed to succeed at her goals to make Twit into something. She literally destroyed all the talent and left Twit with a bunch of losers in place hosting a bunch of lame assed shows that no one gives a shit about.

    All in the name of doing something Leo said he never wanted to do, sell ads.

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    1. This is the downfall of TWiT, the god damn advertisers.

      They just take their money, that’s all. They don’t even try to space out the sponsors for the benefit of the listener, there’s no variety, same half a dozen shit companies – how many times do I need to hear the same Casper copy? It’s in the thousands now, and I’m never buying one.

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  2. They will move to an industrial park just like GeekBeat did….

    And history tells how well that worked out. (Cali Lewis is now basement suite podcasting from a run down shack while her neck-beard hipster asshole husband directs the show)

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    1. Listen, she now wants to be known as Luria Petruccia! Okay?

      You sexist pig, how dare you hurt her feelings by referring to her by her previous name that she had to make up and use for eight years because tech is dominated by male pigs?

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      1. JJ, I used the name Cali because no one would know WHO THE FUCK I WAS TALKING ABOUT if I referred to her as Luria.

        And you forgot to say her hubby made up that name and made her use it! LOL

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  3. This is sad news for the good shows left and for tech shows in general. It shows that even personality-based stuff can’t succeed. If the CEO caused it or helped it, the effect is the same and it will be seen that way by the general media which are always looking for something negative to present. It’s also a bad deal for Petaluma because most new bars fail within two years.

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    1. The Patio is a well-regarded restaurant with several locations in San Diego. Laporte just calls it a bar to be dismissive.

      Remember, the porcine one said there’s no money to be made in commercial real estate. (Just ask Simon, Staubach, and Trump.) That’s why TWiT rents its space. Frickin’ idiot.

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  4. ceHO TWaT’s tweet is classic “When life gives you lemons…” PR spin. And a lame twirl at that.

    Citing a sponsored-content Gigaom blow job from 4 years ago?


    “We are moving to a new studio…”
    Sterile monotone

    “…& plans are underway.”
    How can plans be underway? Is that UoPHX-speak?

    “Exciting times…”
    Quite a reach there, given the passive tone.

    And TWiT is leasing again. Cuz why buy an industrial park bldg and rent what you don’t occupy, for more-than-tip-jar coin, when you can rent and get booted when the building is sold?

    There are none so dumb as those who will not learn.

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  5. Lisa’s Tweet is a shining example of putting sugar on a shit sandwich. “Exciting times”, MY ASS! You failed miserably as a CEO, and since you’ve been spending Leo’s money faster than he can make it, you have to downsize.

    All Lisa can hope for now is a quick death of her Sugar Daddy, so she can pick what’s left of his soupy-ass carcass.

    Leo, is the fucking you got, worth the fucking you got?

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  6. Remember that a big part of the million $ studio is in the electronics and they aren’t being left behind. Lisa got a pretty good deal on the rent for a abandoned building. Now that times are better, the old owner sold and the rent goes up with the new lease. The new landlord might even finance some of the build out in the new space. Perhaps its larger. Fiscally responsible I think.

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    1. this is pigcrap, the biggest cost was the set design and the set construction. Except for the 40 cameras which are less tan $40K most of the gear is free to Leo as a promotion. The rest is lighting and other custom stuff. This was throwing money away.

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  7. This was actually posted on Lisa’s website and it explains a lot, especially the part at the end.

    How I See People by Lisa Kentzell

    Ever since I was little I looked at people and didn’t see their outward appearance as I searched for something deeper and preferred to see their personality. I had and still have an eclectic group of friends and I always look inward when meeting new people as I enjoy seeing their light, their core and what defines them as a person before I focus on their appearance. I embrace everyone and only shy away from those who are arrogant, rude, mean or cruel.

    When I meet new people I try to see the world through their goggles. I have used the term “goggles” before Google became popular and it means I try to see the world through their eyes. I literally visualize myself taking off my goggles and putting theirs on. My goggles have large heart frames, with slightly tinted lenses (red of course) and with rainbow frames. It is a fun exercise and I encourage everyone to try it!

    I discovered that I am built this way because I grew up with a lisp, wearing glasses, overweight and was judged by others because of my outward appearance. I did not understand why people chose to ignore my intelligence, sense of humor and heart. It did teach me that I wanted to be different, real and I like who I am.

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    1. All I get from that block of self-aggrandizing text is that she’s a phony.

      For a person who likes to judge people based on personality she doesn’t see that her personality is shit? Not to mention she comes across as heartless, not full of heart and love like she says.

      It does explain why she’s such a vile cunt though, because she was an ugly fat kid and everyone made fun of her. It all adds up, just read between her lines of bullshit.

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    2. “.. embrace everyone and only shy away from those who are arrogant, rude, mean or cruel.”

      My takeaway from that is, she doesn’t like to see in other people, the traits she is most familiar with in herself. It’s like looking in a mirror.

      BTW, I Googled to verify that ‘How I See People’ really existed. I was surprised to see the picture of LISA in the tub. Her naked back was devoid of sharp, venomous, Lion Fish-like spines. Go figure.

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  8. I can’t wait till they have to dissamble all the bricks on the wall are they going to be thrown in the river? I hope they film them disassembling it those poor people that bought bricks for a 5 year place how long where they at the cottage?

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    1. My bet is that Leo will tell everyone they are going to bring the bricks with them and build a new wall (that just happens to never be shown in a camera shot) and then what they really do is just chuck the bricks in the garbage container on their way out of the current building.

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  9. Lisa la-cunt mentioned this

    ” I embrace everyone and only shy away from those who are arrogant, rude, mean or cruel.”

    WTF !!!!

    You got that reversed Bitch,
    U don’t shy away from “arrogant, rude, mean or cruel assholes ”
    Look to your right a few feet while your laying on your “Casper” mattress , your attracted to “those who are arrogant, rude, mean or cruel”
    Take off those stupid glasses bitch and you’ll clearly see that the fat fuck your fucking is everything your lying to us about.
    I’m assuming U (miss CE-Ho ) may have a mental or chemical imbalance ( I may have to converse with DR.FuckingMom first) as you can’t tell the difference “those who are arrogant, rude, mean or cruel” or could it be you are “arrogant, rude, mean or cruel”????

    So please correct your Blog post miss CE Ho, it should read ”
    I embrace everyone Including those who are arrogant, rude, mean or cruel .

    You and Leo LaFuck both deserve each other, your both cut from the same cloth, you two assholes hurt many good people along the way to get where you are today.
    NO WHERE!!!!!!

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    1. Why was CeHo so cruel to Erik then? He was canned for wanting to do his own late night show and was told they didn’t want to pay for the electricity running the studio lights.

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      1. Because he was better at a talk show then Leo was and they didn’t like it. I used to love listening to him but was bummed he never got a download page. Then all of a sudden he disappeared

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  10. Studios in an industrial park? Looks like Leo is copying the QVC model in West Chester, PA. But at least QVC has the pedigree of being in the former Commodore headquarters. I doubt if Soup can afford that kind of facility.

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  11. Hey TD staff, you need to snag the pre Sunday Twit show including the Sunday Twit show,
    LeoLaCunt is insulting the group Anonymous (calling them names)

    And the female guest host asked why is Leo doing the Twit podcast if he doesn’t do any story research in advance?

    And one of his male guest hosts is busting Leo’s nuts on the pre show


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    1. Kaiser Wilhelm is getting drunk again and swearing like a sailor. What a surprise.

      Who are these bottom of the barrel guests? The girl is okay I suppose, doesn’t sport the typical annoying millennial lingo (i.e. film_girl).

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  12. Well, well, well… Get ready everyone, it’s my opinion that LL and his CEO will soon hit you up to buy more bricks to fund the build out of the new twit soup house, all the while LL brags about his uber expensive cruise vacations where he is used to all inclusive, no limit food, drinks and pastries, (and yes unlimited soup too!) Hope people are smarter now and don’t fall for it again.

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  13. The soup guzzler hired a good set designer. Some sets did not look nice because of bad camera angles and lazy producers but the main round-table-set is/was gorgeous.

    The new place will suffer in this area and it will be a palpable step down because of this. They will be a small basement operation without the charm. The CheapEHo will not have Leo to guide her this time.

    Leo is incredibly tired of twit and filled with boredom. He might actually let her run this move. I expect Her to turn to him with questions and for approval but if he just lets her do it, this will be a disaster. View her blog, she lives in a fantasy. See how the industrial property didn’t work out. Nothing she plans ever works out.

    They need to be in a new place in 13 months and the move will not take a week. There is a ton of equipment to set up. They don’t have that much time and if they are planning a build-out they are already behind.

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    1. While I do not disagree with you on the set in general, I think Mr. Laporte’s chair is another matter. The offending piece of furniture either bears witness to an advanced case of megalomania (Mr. Laporte wearing the silver wings of an archangel) or it expresses a delusional middle-aged fantasy (Mr. Laporte’s head being engulfed by giant silver labia).

      Just sayin’ and best regards.

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  14. “If the landlord wants a brewery here, then lets sign the lease to share the building, promote the wonderful spirits, and use the basement for some shows
    (like a gaming show and a streamers channel)
    and start to do off site stuff.”

    John wake up! Smack* “John wake the Fuck up!”

    /me ‘Shit! How long was I out?’

    “Long enuff to see a butterfly that had wings get clipped”

    lights a cigarette ‘Seen it before’
    ‘Welcome to the Party Pal!’
    ‘Now grab some asprins and start throwing furniture out the window’

    “But we are 32 stories high.”

    /me takes a drink from the flask and checks the clip on the 9mm
    ‘Easier for someone to sweep up a few hundred forgotten bricks than us taking the weight of that!’

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