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Leo Laporte admits “the trolls win,” ends chatroom and livestream as we know it

UPDATE 3: Leo, unable to do The Tech Guy without a chat room to give him the answers, is walking it all back, unsurprisingly.
UPDATE 2: Gawker and Perez Hilton have now covered the story, in which Leo lies about what happened. (He claims the video and everything else including his “oooo” sound of regret he made is a “photoshop”.) TOMO News has spoofed it as well.
UPDATE 1: Leo said that the official #twitlive chatroom was “never of value” and that the chatters “have no lives.” Understandably this has caused concern in the chatroom. The video from today appears below. Click here to watch on YouTube if you like.

In a truly stunning announcement, Internet buffoon Leo Laporte said that “the trolls win” shortly before the start of “MacBreak Weekly” and then promptly dropped the devastating news that he’s shutting down his chat and behind-the-scenes livestream in one week.

Leo claims that it’s the work of “just one guy” but we know the real reason: Leo posted a picture of his penis.

The result of this rash decision means that the current shows will just air simply as shows—with pre-taped bits or reruns inbetween. So there goes the fun atmosphere that he initially tried to setup when he spent over $1 million on the Brickhouse.

Leo failed to mention, however, that it’s his behavior over the years that really put the final nail in the coffin. His consistent sexism and disgusting anti-family-friendly nature is the real reason why he is shutting down the livestream and chat, so as to ensure that his disastrous flubs and fuck-ups won’t be caught by loyal TotalDrama watchers.

The official chatroom is going crazy with all sorts of questions and comments:

<Web8249> question: if i go to the twit live show can I still see leo laportes weewee or do the strip teases end with the streaming? asking for a friend.
Losing the chat is disappointing but losing the livestream is devastating
<Web2385> Good point BillHicks, every week the chat room has to correct him numerous times while he's on air.
<gardner> im confused how endling live twit affects trolls? 

<Web5209> Good move kill off your most passionate Fans. Yikes
<NLind2400_Air2> How is Lep going to get suggestions on TTG now?


We want to wish all the Twitlive chatroom mods a healthy and hearty FUCK YOU: &Dan and ScooterX.