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Leo Laporte Insults His Live Viewers and Chat Room Again

Take in the view, ladies
Take in the view, ladies

Leo Laporte has repeatedly made it clear he hates the chat room, saying they were “never of value.”

Jonathan Abrams, founder of famously-failed Friendster and soon-to-fail Nuzzel — whatever that is — was Leo’s guest on TWiG. He was absoultely incredulous that sheep would sit there watching the garbage that TWiT spews to the live stream on a daily basis. We are surprised too, Jonathan.

Something perhaps even more humorous happened as well. Jonathan Abrams got tired of the way Leo was treating him. Leo kept saying that the foundation of his business was fundamentally flawed, no one would use it, and therefore Leo didn’t need to care.

Suddenly, Jonathan had to “change his battery.” When he returned, Jeff Jarvis suddenly remembered — hangouts message from Jonathan? — that Johnathan Abrams had a “hard out” and had to leave. Hmm.