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Leo Laporte: Too Fat to Fly

Leo Laporte, Diabetic
Leo Laporte, Diabetic
Leo Laporte — obese former host of Call For Help — had to put out his own call for help in the airport.

He was removed from his flight home from his $20,000+ cruise for being too fat to fly.

When relaying this to his sycophants, he took the opportunity to insult the state of New Jersey multiple times, presumably because none of his fans are of any value.

#twitlive log

<~ChiefTWiT> Im here in spirit
<@Mick> welcome ChiefTWiT !!!
<~ChiefTWiT> Stuck in Newark
<@Mick> Ahhh, does it look just like the armpit of the nation ChiefTWiT ?
<@Keith512> was there snow or something
<~ChiefTWiT> Sorta Mick
<Error> Newark! I sooo sorry for you....
<~ChiefTWiT> There are pretty parts of New Jersey
<WIguy> ChiefTWiT, uh oh thats not good, for how long
<~ChiefTWiT> Just haven't seen them
<~ChiefTWiT> Did you see my tweet?
<Error> Jersey is mostly SWAMP
<~ChiefTWiT> We are on a 530 flight
<@Mick> yeah haha
<~ChiefTWiT> We got on earlier flight, but they kicked us off for being overweight

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