Leo Laporte: Too Fat to Fly

Leo Laporte, Diabetic
Leo Laporte, Diabetic
Leo Laporte — obese former host of Call For Help — had to put out his own call for help in the airport.

He was removed from his flight home from his $20,000+ cruise for being too fat to fly.

When relaying this to his sycophants, he took the opportunity to insult the state of New Jersey multiple times, presumably because none of his fans are of any value.

#twitlive log

<~ChiefTWiT> Im here in spirit
<@Mick> welcome ChiefTWiT !!!
<~ChiefTWiT> Stuck in Newark
<@Mick> Ahhh, does it look just like the armpit of the nation ChiefTWiT ?
<@Keith512> was there snow or something
<~ChiefTWiT> Sorta Mick
<Error> Newark! I sooo sorry for you....
<~ChiefTWiT> There are pretty parts of New Jersey
<WIguy> ChiefTWiT, uh oh thats not good, for how long
<~ChiefTWiT> Just haven't seen them
<~ChiefTWiT> Did you see my tweet?
<Error> Jersey is mostly SWAMP
<~ChiefTWiT> We are on a 530 flight
<@Mick> yeah haha
<~ChiefTWiT> We got on earlier flight, but they kicked us off for being overweight

Leo Laporte Facebook: Too Fat to Fly

25 thoughts on “Leo Laporte: Too Fat to Fly”

  1. I wonder if they really thought that Leo was too fat or they were afraid of what the CEHo would tweet if the flight was not perfect after her round of complaints from the cruise????

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  2. Heartbreaking, there are roughly four people in that chat room aside from mods. Remember the old days. Maybe now that twit is essentially finished we can concentrate on remembering the good days. Think of the positive and not what it has become. I know that’s not why blog was started but it can evolve.

    As a long time fan, I would rather Leo fold it and do four audio podcasts only. This is too painful.

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    1. I used to be in there if any of you remember me. I remember when Leo would pop in everyone would start talking, look at it now. But with the priest working free and hosts like Jason and Burnett really being editors, (sidehosting) there is free money for releasing crap. Leo won’t fold it. He don’t care. He will read ads if you pay him, the programs are an afterthought.
      The money got too good for releasing crap when he had a great network. That is why twit sucks, he makes money on garbage therefore why release quality.


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  3. Leo gives ZERO shits about his health, ZERO shits about the crap that comes out of his mouth and what he exposes young children to daily and ZERO FUCKS about what anybody thinks of him and his spiraling out of control “network”. Leo HATES each and everyone of you and soon he’ll hate his wife for enabling his sociopathic gluttonous behavior and destroying the entire operation that was TWiT.

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  4. Mick is an extreme right-winger and his comment about Newark as the armpit of the nation is code for you-know-what. He is a career old army vet who has kicked people for being what he called unpatriotic while allowing a political discussion to go on against the rules until it got too uncomfortable for him. More should be written here about the shit that goes on in twitlive and has been going on for years. First Dan and now Dan-Lite, ScotterX.

    That said, this post is too much of a throwback, for me, to those pre-holiday posts where obesity is considered both a high crime and hysterically funny. But I guess it’s better for TD to slide back slowly into its normal mode than wait for the inevitable return of helloworld.

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    1. I’m pretty sure none of the mods on TWiT are “extreme right wingers”. I have seen political comments one after the other without comment from the mods (and this includes Mick) until I or someone else put forth a conservative viewpoint. Then we are warned “no politics please”. I’m also guessing that people you consider “extreme right wingers” are probably just conservatives.

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  5. Can there be any doubt now that Leo is the reincarnation of 1950s radioman Arthur Godrey? Same disastrous career choices. Same morbidly obese body type. Same wanton disdain for their employees and audiences.

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    1. Godfrey, not Godrey.

      Godfrey never made disastrous career choices. He had a long (40-50 year) extraordinarily successful career on radio and early TV. After decades as a gigantic media star, his popularity slowly waned as virtually all performers’ popularity wanes and wanes much faster than Godfrey’s did. He was not morbidly fat. He wasn’t even fat.

      What’s true is that he famously fired one of his long-time singers on a live show and dressed-down another, also live, and fired many others off-the-air. He was despised in the TV industry as a terrible person, a bully, while being extremely popular with radio and TV audiences who only saw him as a nice guy.

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      1. Yes, Godfrey. I made a typo. And you’re right, he wasn’t morbidly obese. Probably not even “fat” by today’s standards. But he did sport a double-chin. And his fall from grace was rather swift. The parallels to Leo’s career are remarkably similar.

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  6. What I get out of this post is that L&L didn’t fly first class, otherwise they wouldn’t have been kicked. Something else going on here that isn’t being said. The airline wouldn’t openly kick him for being overweight. They would charge him more, yes, but not kick him off.

    Quite possibly they took an offer to be on a stand by list. I can’t remember the term, but airlines will ask for volunteers because the flight is overbooked and give them vouchers for a free flight if they take a later flight. I think that’s what is going on here.

    Leo being kicked off for his weight is just spinning it.

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  7. Planes are overweight often. Cause is passengers and cargo. Professional sports teams that carried equipment and large men often overloaded flights. before they all got private planes.

    Leo who is heavyset and bags for a two week cruise was switched out for a regular sized person with no baggage. NY/NJ to LA often has people with zero cargo. You can save 400 pounds that way.

    LIsa and her cargo for a normal person and no cargo will save 100 lb.
    Leo and his cargo and for normal sized man with no cargo is another 280 lb.

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  8. Lisa,

    We have nothing left in the “review” category on the front page of our website. Can someone look into that, just put a few shows in “review” with Android App Arena and a few in “Help and how-to” along with Know-How. Fans will not care.


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