Leo Laporte shows “totaldrama.net” video on his own network

There is no higher honor to be attained (at least in the realm in which TotalDrama operates) than to have one of our favorite subjects play one of our videos on his own network. And the bright red Maraschino cherry on the top of our “Sunday” was that the TotalDrama website link also was shown to his live audience when Leo played NYCritic’s short YouTube video parody “Leo Laporte narrowly avoids being ‘taken.’”

Leo seemed oddly delighted after playing the video. He laughed and said, “That was sneaky but nicely done. I have to give you five points on that one—that was very clever. I shouldn’t laugh and support that, but that was well done.”

So thank you, Leo, for doing our work for us. You have redeemed yourself by .0023 percent for your ability to laugh at yourself. Although the TotalDrama editorial board is not yet sure what to do with the five points you awarded us…we’ll figure something out soon enough. Perhaps they can be redeemed for a Japanese soaking tub for our all commenters and fans?

5 thoughts on “Leo Laporte shows “totaldrama.net” video on his own network”

  1. I thought it was funny near the end of of This Week he mentions Sarah’s replacement then says, “We’re not getting the best people because of the commute….” Team building!

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  2. I saw that, because JCD and Patrick were coming on TWiT. I damned near fell out of my chair laughing. Maybe, just maybe, he hasn’t completely sold his soul to that thing he sleeps with.

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