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Even Laporte is Sick of Drones on Know-How

The formerly popular show Know How has continued showing declining ratings since the departure of the host and creator Iyaz Ahktar. The initail concept was a compelling weekly rotation of various tech-how-to topics. The program was a success, but it truly shined in one other area. It had various episodes that were monster hits on YouTube and with proper management or a CEO at the helm of TWiT, that could have been parlayed into an influx of TWiT viewers.

Wowzers, a million views
Wowzers, a million views

Total Drama has been on this show’s case for some time. TD has often ridiculed the current iteration of Know How for doing the same depleted topic for well over a year; drones.

Avid TD reader Leo Laporte has finally accepted the critique put forth by this blog. In the video below you will see his disgust with how this show was ruined. The secret to success is not droning on for one entire week about propellers, another week on motors, and yet another on drone cameras. The entire fan base has been driven away. This is why the show rests uneasily on the chopping block.

Unfortunately, the current host slash 1920s radio announcer impersonator has decided that the ratings have declined because of the set. His solution is to move the hands on how-to show to a round table discussion format.

Megan Morrone is stiff and unnatural on debut TN2

Megan Morrone on her debut during TN2.
Megan Morrone on her debut during TN2.

Megan Morrone, a terrible replacement for the departing lovely and talented Sarah Lane on TWiT’s evening newscast, TN2, was stiff and unnatural on her debut performance.

After multiple rehearsals, Morrone was still unable to read the TelePrompTer with any amount of ease and appeared terribly uncomfortable and wooden—all negative traits that she must have picked up from her untalented mentor Mike Elgan.

There remains a sliver of hope that she could break out of her straitjacket and attain a tiny personality. But we’re not too hopeful.