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Leo Laporte Admits He Doesn’t Really Love Advertisers

Dance, you glorious monkey.
Oopa Beetus Style!

Renowned pile of garbage Leo Laporte performs ten minute commercials at the behest of the bottom-rung of advertisers that will still support him, but does he care?

To answer this, let’s look back at The Tech Guy 1210 from August 9, 2015 and see how he responds to a chatter asking if Leo still recommends a prior sponsor. Since he isn’t beholden to their money anymore, he lets them have it.

#Soup is rarely honest. He prefers to say whatever is most convenient in any situation, like his after-TWiT guest greetings. Oh you’re from X? I just loooooooooooooooooove X. My good friend Steve Martin loves X. Have you tried the Y? No? Oh you must! It’s amazing!!!! Well, thanks for coming out!

However, sometimes the actual truth slips out. You may also read our other coverage of Leo and TWiT shitting on advertisers.