TWiT First Broadcast Company to Surpass a Ten Minute Commercial

Many thought it too much for any audience to take but on September 7th 2015 TWiT became the first broadcast network to feed their audience a ten minute commercial. We undertsand it was one of the worst TWiTs in the history of TWiT, but ten minutes?

At what point is it considered an infomercial?

Please Speed through if you don’t believe us.
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38 thoughts on “TWiT First Broadcast Company to Surpass a Ten Minute Commercial”

  1. I had almost forgotten that Alex Wilhelm was that guy who got drunk on tequila and made an ass of himself a while back… until he reminded us himself.

    That was a really bad TWiT.

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  2. I watched about 15 minutes of This Week in Tequila last night and had to turn it off. Rene Richie was taking one up the ass and Ben Thompson was boring me to sleep.

    Bye-bye TWiT

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    1. That was, simply put, the worst TWiT of all time.

      But whom am I… I thought the supposed best episode ever, the one with the return of Shillson Calacanis, was also one of the worst.

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    1. Actually, Lisa whored herself out for free, at the beginning… She then cost Leo millions considering the divorce the studio and now 1/2 his gained assets going forward in the marriage.

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    1. hate to say it but i agree. however in this case they were so off the rails its not even funny anymore. i mean really 10 mins? they should of read the copy then talk about the crap they liked it was apparently a slow news week. that episode was horrible even with expecting low standards. they really should just change the name ot this week in infomercals.

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      1. Not to mention, when I hear him say “we are going to take a break” I expect them all to take a break. Not them all sit around and talk about another topic basically for the next 10 mins because they were paid to. I’ve always hated their ads because it was leo talking about it. I’d rather hear a professional commercial.

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        1. It’s also bad when Leo tries to engage one of the cohosts (say, Paul or Mary Jo) about a new advertiser, when they’re clearly inclined to stay silent during the ads. This often leads to awkward responses like “no, I’ve never used that service”. Fucking figure that shit out before you surprise the cohosts.

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  3. I don’t mind the 10 min ads especially when its on topic…this instance however was just 10 mins for the sake of being 10 mins.

    Some of the longer audible ads on windows weekly are top notch because they discuss interesting books.

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    1. exactly its ok if its on topic and interesting like you said like windows weekly, for instance. On this twit episode it was totally off the rails. barely on topic at all during whole show. total mess

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  4. The problem is Leo LaCunt and his smelly sidekick CEOHo are adding so many more ads per show they now have themselves backed into a corner, in order for Fat fuck to stay within 1 ad every 30 min he has to continue to run a show as bad as Twit was that Sunday, even if 3 hosts baled out 1/2 way through the show Leo has to read the 5 or 5 ads they had contracted timeslots for that Sunday.
    As the show sucked monkey balls already , Fat fuck had to choice but to drag out the ads.

    Major problem with Leo LaCunt is his ads are blurring lines with what little relevant content his podcasts produce.

    As I mentioned before. LaCunt had never been a tech guy, he’s always had great memory and fast lips most salesman would envy.

    But Karma has started to call , his memory is getting worse, his arrogance and stupidity has even the old ladies calling in the radio show question his answers.

    It feels like CEOHo has seen an ugly bump coming up in the near future, and she’s grabbing as much of the sponsors monies as she can right now ,it doesn’t matter how bad the shows and content is so long Fat Fuck reads the ad.

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  5. Dammm fucking auto correct, should have said

    ” as bad as Twit was that Sunday, even if 3 hosts baled out 1/2 way through the show Leo has to read the 4or 5 ads they had contracted timeslots for that Sunday.
    As the show sucked monkey balls already , Fat fuck had nochoice but to drag out the ads.”

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  6. If there’s some dirty scumbag word for tricking people into thinking your advertising is content, Leo Laporte is committing this atrocity. No, screw you, Leo.

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  7. Sadly, this was also the episode when LaPorke berated staff for not sending headphones to the guests, and his rant was mega-awkward for all involved.

    Then, the wrong lower third flashes for the spot in question.

    Pity the Sunday ShitHouse help.

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  8. Quote “The Patrick Klepto
    SEPTEMBER 14, 2015 AT 6:31 PM
    If there’s some dirty scumbag word for tricking people into thinking your advertising is content, Leo Laporte is committing this atrocity. No, screw you, Leo.”

    Yup your right, the more LaCunt blurs the line between sponsors product and Twit topics
    ads like “ProVPN” , I see older “non tech savvy” folks comment on LaCunts Twitter “I got this ProVPN thing how do I use it?”
    ” I bought ProVPN but the customer service sucks, nobody picks up to help me out”
    the more I see layman buying into LaCunts ads because they think they need this product to FIX their over heating router issue or to fix their slow internet because all the grand kids came over and started a few HD streaming movies on their devices around 5pm.

    LaCunt needs to put a solid pause or disclaimer before each ad,
    Example: “This is an ad, it may sound like it can fix your computers internet issue with this product so please get a second opinion from a real IT guy first before spend your hard earned money for this product in hopes it may or may not will fix your issues because I led you on.

    Again LaCunt will never disclaim anything unless he gets a little push back from his viewers calling him out.

    I see this blur between the topic and sponsor getting worse, I’m figuring it won’t stop until someone sues fat fuck.
    but then again he’ll claim “all my tech support I’m helping you with is purely for entertaining purposes only”

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    1. Art Bell got angry letters from the FCC for blurring the line between his show and ads. Let’s hope Soup gets to that point with his radio baby sitter so her gets a few fines.

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  9. I guess I will chime in on this and give you a good ol’ Honest Assessment From the Lips of Jizz.

    You see, I have nothing against Leo trying to make lots and lots of money. I wish him the most success in the world. Really. But what bugs me the most is that TWiT, Lisa and Leo are trying to earn as much as they can, without actually serving the audience.

    Why not have honor and dignity and actually take pride in what you do? Surely great success will follow.

    It’s sort of like those websites where there are pop up ads everywhere, and when you click a link, another window opens with a netflix ad in the background. Or sites where 90% of the screenspace is taken up by ads, and the actual content is the size of a postage stamp.

    This is what TWiT has become in the world of podcasting. But actually worse, because a lot of those sites, actually have articles that have original compelling content in them. They just don’t respect the reader. What TWiT is, is empty content (most of the time, but more on that in a minute.) with a very heavy emphasis on ads, ads, more ads. What TWiT seems to forget is there has to be a value proposition. Viewers are trying to get some value for the time spent, and they are willing to endure the ads, if the content is compelling. The Ring doorbell is on but know body is home. The emperor has no clothes.

    Leo has talked about Ad blockers recently, and he is even to the point where he is using one. He says, oh well, if these sights go out of business it will be good for TWiT because then they will just tune in to TWiT.

    News Flash Leo, there is an Ad blocker for podcasts too. It’s called unsubscribe.

    I know TWiT considers the advertisers the “client” but the viewers are the people who are essentially paying the bills. But TWiT treats the viewer as something to take for granted. Every week I see one or two people tweeting that they are done with TWiT, or they stopped tuning in long ago. I am now even starting to hear some of the more respected people in the tech industry starting to complain.

    These are not trolls, these are not haters. I am not a troll or a hater. We are dissatisfied audience members. But as loud as we try to voice ourselves, if seems to fall on deaf ears. (or maybe not).

    I will end on a good note. This weeks TWiT was 1000x better then the one in question in this post. Leo seemed really engaged, and wasn’t over tired and silly. The discussion was great, the panel was great. So good job Leo. Keep this up! This is what we loved about TWiT. Make a lot of money, but deserve it. And earn it with integrity by getting the passion back that you originally had about technology. You and TWiT can do Oh so much better in many ways. The happier we are, the happier everyone will be.

    Lips Out.

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