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Inside TWiT – January 7, 2018

Remember when Mike Elgan fell for a “Hey, would ya blow me?” joke but couldn’t pronounce it correctly?

Leo Laporte rang in the new year by bragging for the live stream in an empty room (he fired all the employees).

Thanks to a tip, we have this impromptu Inside TWiT. In it Leo:

  • Brags about a private Caribbean cruise
  • Gloats about destroying another drone by flying it into the ocean — a violation of MARPOL regulations
  • Describes Henry’s uninteresting interest in hot sauce
  • Realizes TWiT is “the AltaVista of podcasting”
  • Laments that hot wings-related shows on YouTube are far more popular than TWiT
  • Wonders where he went wrong
  • Gets pissed that Neil DeGrasse Tyson will go on a hot wings show but not Triangulation
  • Threatens to not pay the remaining employees (Burke admits he will work for free)
  • Laments the $8-9k rent for the next 8.5 years

For your sanity, I did a bunch of quick jump cuts on the first vacation bragging part so you don’t have to hear his grating rhetorical style. I can’t even explain how bad it is to edit this type of video, listening to him say the same things over and over to get the edit points.

Please continue to send in tips!

Also, be sure to tune in to TWiT for CES live coverage. Just kidding. FMCP will be there (Leo doesn’t have to pay for a place for him to stay), but Bryan and Kara are fired, so there’s nobody to run a camera and no money for a LiveU.

Two nutcases talk about their stupid business

These two buffoons claim to run TWiT.
These two buffoons claim to run TWiT.

This evening, two escapees from the Petaluma Insane Asylum were spotted on-camera talking about their dumb business on a show they repeatedly referred to as “Inside TWiT.”

Leo Laporte and his giggly bride, Lisa Laporte, went on for about 20 minutes just babbling about “schedules changes” and various sex-related shit involving a “Japanese soaking tub” and other assorted garbage. None of this could be confirmed by the editorial board at TotalDrama, so we’ll just have to wait for our team of experts in London and Dubai to edit it together. Until then, we can’t even begin to make any sense of what was broadcast.

At this point, it’s all just a blur of crude corporate half-truths and crazy talk.

Video to come…story developing…