Sarah Lane can tell when Leo Laporte is lying

Watch this tragic clip from a recent pre-show for “iPad Today” as Sarah Lane has to pretend to believe in Leo’s delusions of grandeur. It’ll be a cold day in Pet-hell-uma before Leo actually does a “worldwide meetup.” But here he is, proclaiming once again that these things will happen. We can tell by that death stare on Sarah’s face, however, that she ain’t buyin’ his shit no more.

11 thoughts on “Sarah Lane can tell when Leo Laporte is lying”

  1. I still can’t work out why Sarah remains at TWiT. I’d have left months and months ago.

    Surely she can’t be THAT desperate for work, to want to stay working with #soup??

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  2. I heard others say she is in a contract with TWiT. Not sure when the term ends, but I bet she’ll abandon ship at that point. She would be a great addition to CNET….Otherwise maybe she can join Tom in DTNS (I wonder how Patreon would react to a Sarah Lane joining DTNS announcement), or someone like Jupiter Broadcasting could make the investment in her to take them to the “next level”.

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    1. NOT going to happen. SARAH burned every bridge with former TNT crew and other guest hosts. She thought to be irreplaceable and acted diva_ishly until Mike “Boringly Monologue monkey boyish” Egum was appointed by SLEEZA JIZUM GUZINSGLY.

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  3. I would honestly say that Soup believes in this lie. He has either convinced him that it is true or they had a meeting where they are using the ‘meet ups’ to convert a personal non-deductible expense for world travels into a business deductible expense that can be written off against taxes!

    I am sure that Gum has explained this little trick, one that he has used for many years under the business banner of ‘Elgan Media Corp.’

    Sarah’s look is purely one of disbelief that they would use the ‘viewers’ (or as I like to refer to them ‘Cult Members’) to make their personal visits around the country and world into something that it is not. Two weeks in Bermuda on a vacation with a one hour ‘meet up’?

    Sarah Lane’s life seems to be purely private and non-TWiT once she exits the building and I am sure that she has no intentions of participating in one of Leo’s ‘meet up’.

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  4. I would be personally disappointed in Sarah if she were to attend a meet-up. It’s good that she has a personal life. Or at least a life that doesn’t include hangin’ with Soup ‘n’ Salad on the weekends.

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  5. He will have one meetup.
    Then one more in SF.
    Then he will call hanging out after TWiT show a meet up. The man is a pathological liar. Remember how he said he is getting a female to be a guest on the radio show then forgets it a minute later. He just says stuff to appease listeners, he can’t say no, much easier to lie. If you ask him for a show starring a dog he will say it’s coming along with Game of Geeks and I’d Fund that Shit.

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  6. Good for her to not believe any of #soup’s lies. It seems like the corrupted #soup believes in vacations rather than providing content. I mean how are we to believe that he won’t give a shit about TWiT next year.

    This is complete bullshit in that the meetups are just for tax evasion purposes. If I were a noble citizen then I would report them for this blatant BS. I mean we donate money, wouldn’t we be pissed if our money were being used for vacations.

    Another thing, the fact that Sarah Lane is tired of this job means bigger pastors for her and lesser pastors for TWiT. If you judge the bigger picture, Sarah really draws the numbers for TWiT and what happens when she’s gone. Well those numbers go down.

    Soup said he sunk millions into TWiT; so why call this a failed venture and shut it down, why not share the hard work with others. Are you envious that someone will make it better for less of the cost? I mean come on, stop being such a hypocrite.

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