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Sergey and Larry Urging Laporte to Move to iOS

Some time ago, #TotalDrama obtained a report stating the two Google co-founders have personally asked TWiT’s big-headed leader to switch to iOS from Google’s own Android operating system.  At the time, the team at #TotalDrama was unable to verify the report and did not see the impetus for Sergey and Larry to prod the plump Laporte to switch teams. A decision was made to bury the piece until more verifiable information emerged.

A recent story by a fellow publication, “Cult of Android,” shed light on why the Google honchos would make such a bold move.

IOS porn is down...for now
iOS porn is down….for now

It seems Android users are spending more time under their bedcovers with their phones than iOS users. The graph above details porn usage, on the popular site PornHub, broken down by OS. Android is the runaway leader. The hope is that moving Laporte over to iOS will simultaneously reduce Android porn usage and increase iOS porn usage, thereby making the Google operating system more family friendly.

Jeff Jarvis still insisting that he doesn’t have a stick up his butt

Jeff Jarvis, world-famous Google-lover and journalism douche, continues to insist that he’s not a purple-faced Google shill with a stick up his ass.

But from the photo below, it’s plainly clear that Jarvis is indeed what he claims not to be; and it’s fun to use Google against Jarvis. Here’s what comes up when you search for, “Jeff Jarvis is an asshole.”

The purple-faced Jeff Jarvis
The purple-faced Jeff Jarvis