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Leo Laporte Complains About AMP Project His $350K Site Can’t Use

Why can't I use AMP, Four Kitchens?
Why can’t I use AMP, Four Kitchens?

Leo Laporte spent the better part of 30 minutes on This Week in Google complaining about the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project. You can witness it in the video above in a condensed version.

He’s very upset that the poorly-developed, slow, sometimes completely unavailable, and expensive website that he contracted to be built is unable to handle the capability.

We would imagine he’s also upset because nobody uses his stupid API which was the whole point of the new site. Developers summarily rejected it due to the 5 requests per minute limit enforced across all users of any app developed. (This is because he doesn’t even own his own API. He has to proxy all requests through 3scale, who he has to pay for the requests. Ha!)

We have good news, however!

100% of Total Drama’s posts are now available in an AMP format for Google’s consumption. See an example here.

Each post has code linking to the AMP version which Google will consume and display in the carousel.

Site Comparison

TWiT.tv TotalDrama.net
100% TLS (Secure) No Partial Yes Yes
HSTS (Prevents downgrade attacks) No No Yes Yes
HTTP/2 No No Yes Yes
Accelerated Mobile Pages No No Yes Yes
Absolute Shit Content Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cost the same as 5 Tesla Model S Cars Yes Yes No No