TWiT Total Drama

Megan Morrone increasingly looking more like a talking piece of cat shit

Megan Morrone is barely able to stomach sitting next to the pig Leo Laporte and it’s definitely taking a toll on her womanhood.

Megan Morrone, mother of five boys and 14 dogs, is increasingly looking more and more like a piece of talking cat shit. Her only real job at TWiT (co-host of “iOS Today”) is a joke and she’s obviously just content to sit there and let Leo Laporte mention his favorite porn sites, his subscription to “Playboy” magazine and other inappropriate garbage topics.

Best of luck to you, Megan as you enter your fifth decade. Please tell your nose to stop growing—it’s big enough for a man already, let alone a woman. (Check out her official Wikipedia picture and tell us in the comments section if you think she’s camera-ready.)