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Leo Laporte Likens John C. Dvorak to a Dishonest TV Preacher

Update: John is displeased, as one could expect. He discussed the situation with Andy Horowitz on DH Unplugged starting around 43:00. The “Chipotle” reference after our clip ends refers to around 40:15.

John says “In these situations, he’s just a prick.”

John also tweeted a few replies to sheep that keep asking him when he’s going to be on The New Screen Savers.

Thanks to a commenter and tipster for this new information.

The dumb, fat one on the left seems to hate the journalist maverick on the right.
The dumb, fat one on the left seems to hate the journalist maverick on the right.

Fount of idiocy Leo Laporte took to his live stream on Saturday to insult John C. Dvorak yet again. It wasn’t enough to ban him for things he said on No Agenda. It wasn’t enough to insult him again and again, finally blaming John for the breakup.

In the video above, you’ll see Leo Laporte say yet again that he doesn’t listen to No Agenda, but he feels completely comfortable insulting John C. Dvorak based on its contents. Leo Laporte compares John to an insincere TV preacher, lying to take stupid people’s money *cough bricks cough*.

Me leave TWiT? Never!
Me leave TWiT? Never!

Leo says that No Agenda is pulling the wool over its subscribers’ eyes and that it’s all an act to take advantage of the No Agenda fans, again calling it a “conspiracy theory” podcast. He says they’re cynical and are just in it for the money, not believing their own words.

But hey, Steve Gibson is perfectly OK with all of this, so why should any of Leo’s fans care. Oh shit. They do care. Read some of the replies to this tweet.

John was not pleased.