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Leo Laporte Spoils Mr. Robot Season Finale

The video below contains spoilers for Mr. Robot Season 1. The article does not contain spoilers.
I'm an asshole.
I’m an asshole.

The editorial board of Total Drama withheld this post for a few weeks to give readers a chance to finish Season 1 of Mr. Robot, because we are not monsters like the lecherous Leo Laporte.

With help from his cohort of old white men on This Week in Tech, Mr. Laporte, who hadn’t even seen more than a single episode, requested on-air confirmation of a very spoiling piece of information regarding the series. His geriatric pals were more than happy to oblige.

We were disgusted, but we wanted to give you, dear reader, a chance to finish the series yourself, especially since the finale was delayed by a week.

Listening to audio books is not fucking reading

This is NOT reading.
This is NOT reading.

Please leave your vote in the comments section…but we here at #TotalDrama do not believe that listening to an audio book is “reading.” Why Leo Laporte insists that he is indeed “reading” when listening to his bogus Audible.com books is beyond us. But, then again, we don’t make a habit of cheating on our wives and buying new cars for slutty cunts that run our companies into the ground.