Leo Laporte Spoils Mr. Robot Season Finale

The video below contains spoilers for Mr. Robot Season 1. The article does not contain spoilers.
I'm an asshole.
I’m an asshole.

The editorial board of Total Drama withheld this post for a few weeks to give readers a chance to finish Season 1 of Mr. Robot, because we are not monsters like the lecherous Leo Laporte.

With help from his cohort of old white men on This Week in Tech, Mr. Laporte, who hadn’t even seen more than a single episode, requested on-air confirmation of a very spoiling piece of information regarding the series. His geriatric pals were more than happy to oblige.

We were disgusted, but we wanted to give you, dear reader, a chance to finish the series yourself, especially since the finale was delayed by a week.

25 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Spoils Mr. Robot Season Finale”

  1. Like many of the TD community I don’t watch the twit network anymore except for WW because I do like PT he I feel is a straight shooter and doesn’t put up with LL’s b.s. Having said that, on the times that I do just want to peek on over to see what’s going on at the twit house, all I see is someone mindlessly ready an ad and then embellishing it with some made up story on how the product is sooo good or how much they loooove the product. Welcome to the 24 hour infomercial network, so lame! Btw twit is on now, Leo is all alone with his three virtual guests, people don’t want to bother with LL anymore hahahaha!

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      1. SquareSpace was alright. I used it for a month or two when I was a wannabe blogger.

        The thing that killed me was during every SquareSpace read, Leo would talk about how you could use it for free for two weeks and show it off to people and see if you like it. Problem is, during the two week trial, your site isn’t publicly viewable, only you could look at it. But, Soup Boy would say the opposite is true in every ad read they did. Which was a lot. Fucking scam artist.

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  2. This is how Leo Laporte’s pea-sized brain works. Similarly, he gets riled up when someone gets invited to some nonsense press event. He doesn’t give a fuck about the event itself, only that some else has something that he doesn’t. So when he’s got the scoop he will lord it over and if need be, spill the beans, “tee hee, aren’t I naughty”.

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  3. I saw the pilot too.
    I thought the same thing Leo said and it is why I stopped watching. If that’s a spoiler the show’s audience is not too quick.. However, JCD agreed it was obvious but he liked the series anyway.

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  4. What a dick! You guys are all class though, thanks for not spoiling it I still have two eps left.

    I think Halt and Catch Fire is a better tech related show though. Even though everyone is creaming themselves over the tech in Mr. Robot I think it’s typical Hollywood. Like why would the head of a big cybersecurity company not have a PIN code on his phone? Who has a giant electronic safe and then has the combination right above the damn safe? Halt and Catch Fire seems much less interested in namedropping technology to seem edgy.

    But anyway, fuck you Leo. We know your favorite show is secretly the Big Bang Theory.

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    1. A chick flick if there ever was one? Right. What does that make Sex and the City? The second season was a bit heavy with the women but you’re exaggerating a ton.

      Also I disagree that it’s not tech related, it’s just as tech related as Mr. Robot. Both are about characters who happen to work in tech, and I think the characters in Mr. Robot are far more generic and predoctable.

      I’m liking Mr. Robot but it’s just another hacker show, except they researched the tech a bit more than they usually do. It’s still
      laughably implausible tech wizardry set to tense music.

      Sorry, my cock just didn’t get that hard at their mention of a Raspberry Pi even though I was watching it on a Pi. I find the early PC era more interesting anyway.

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