Nathan Olivarez-Giles Defiles the Family-Friendly TWiT Network

Nathan Olivarez-Giles, seen here in need of soap for his potty mouth

It should come as no surprise that Nathan Olivarez-Giles — TWiT’s newest hire — cursed out the live stream on one of his first shows, as you can see in the video above.

The guy with the man-bun to his right could only laugh in disbelief at what was happening.

Have CEO Lisa Laporte and Leo Laporte officially dropped the family-friendly designation for the TWiT network?

Leo Laporte killed the family-friendly reputation years ago when Leo cursed out a room full of children live during the New Year’s Eve celebration in 2015.

Later in that banner year, Leo Laporte displayed his penis for all to see. The next year, he showed us Lisa’s vagina.

This year, 2017, Leo has already shared his teen porn with us. Lots more disgusting non-family friendly things have happened, but those are the highlights.

Thanks to an anon from #drama for the video.

35 thoughts on “Nathan Olivarez-Giles Defiles the Family-Friendly TWiT Network”

  1. NateOG makes Gum sound like Walter Cronkite. He can’t get through a live read without multiple takes. I know it’s his first week Co Hosting TNT, but He is bad on camera and is exciting as watching paint dry. #BringbackGum

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  2. Is it just me, or is this dudes mannerisms very Leo-like?

    Re-watch the clip, but imagine it were Leo. It even has the insecure Megan laughter in the background to help.

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  3. Vibrator talk on Security Now took me to my limit. The one place I thought I would be safe from Leo’s “accidental” disclosures. Canceled the last of my TWiT feeds.

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  4. Get a life Leica. Really, a swear word and you are freaking out? It’s just a damn word. Get down off your high horse and blow yourself. I never have seen a bigger cry baby than you.

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  5. I like Nate, but this reeks of a PR hire. What does he contribute to the network? Can you picture him hosting anything other than TNT on his own?

    Leo laments this all of the time, but TWiT’s problem is that the young talent would rather go it alone than work for a horn-dog and his wife.

    TWiT still hasn’t recovered from Tom, Iyaz and Sarah leaving.

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  6. The staff all had a giant party on Friday and nobody invited Leo – so funny but also the saddest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    Also, scarf aficionado and guest booker extraordinaire Tonya Hall is finally being made an off-site staff member as she moves back to Colorado where she will proceed to smoke much legal herb and eat much delicious cake.

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    1. Great catch! I’m surprised Leo hasn’t attempted this sooner. In Silicon Valley he’s a nobody. If I were him I’d host every show out of my home office and employ 1-2 offsite staff to handle maintenance. He’d be raking in 8 figures easy.

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    1. I’m not sure, but I’ve always found the pictures Leo has of the two of them to be disturbing. The kid is a teenager and Lisa is practically breastfeeding him.

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    1. selw0nk:
      Where was Jason this whole time? Was he fired?

      I get the feeling that if Leo could he’d sack Jason and Megan. They’re nice people, but they’re so bland. I bet he’s hoping that Nate can revitalize the news show and then attract some younger talent.

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