Megan Morrone Perturbs Pepcom Participants

Dear God. Why?
Dear God. Why?

TWiT has exactly two hosts on staff now: Megan and Jason. After the abortion of a presentation that Tonya delivered — where is she? — only Megan and Jason are available.

With the extremely obese fake priest trotting around Rome, Megan was sent to cover Pepcom. No, we don’t know what that is either. Perhaps an ulcer medicine.

During her idiotic “coverage” — most of which went unused in the actual “Live Special” — Megan took time out to admit that she actually is a monkey, despite her prior denials. She additionally confided in the live audience, telling them she feels dumb, but that wasn’t really a secret. Perhaps she’s not a 100% Dunning-Kruger case after all?

Enjoy the sweet sounds of Enya while watching Megan Morrone meditate.

Comparison between Megan and a monkey.
Comparison between Megan and a monkey.

38 thoughts on “Megan Morrone Perturbs Pepcom Participants”

  1. What the shit are these live specials for??? Lisa must have tricked enough listeners into subscribing to that feed as to sell ad time to her very clueless client base.

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      This guy doing the posts now sucks. Primarily because he is not smart or clever but he also has no sense for what is news. Those two deficiencies lead me to believe the site is on its way out. I agree with the sentiment that he is the exact same person as “the Jeff Jarvis” who was just as bad.

      Hail Helloworld

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  2. Where is Tonya?

    Was she finally told to be an “offsite producer” because she cannot fit in the tiny, tiny, tiny new Eastside Studios?

    Is it because she cannot be clear with the guests, that she books, on the time and date they are expected to skype in?

    Is it because the guests she books are utter shit? And, if so, is this Tonya’s fault or a more telling sign of the tech journo landscape?

    She’s not fat, she’s just scarves.




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  3. Wow 2:44 of pure truly peaceful content. That was the best Twit special ever ! They should just loop that 24/7 and just have Casper and pillow commercials. Do they have the guy endorsed by The National Sleep Foundation? I see money here Lisa.

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  4. Guys, I do not like many of the Twit personalities; but com’on Megan seems like a nice decent woman.. And I kinda feel she’s struggling, she does not seem to like it there even though she tried hard to show the opposite.

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  5. Who in the blue fuck watches these TWiT Live Specials, especially one called ‘Pepcom’? Come forward.

    At least with Tonya it had some funny antics involved.

    I think I’ll go check out Tonya’s Twitter picture now.

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    1. Does anyone have real numbers regarding how many actually watch the specials? If I had to bet $1k, I would honestly guess 4 or 5 people.

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  6. Two minutes forty forty seconds of TWiT editing gold. How in the fuck does this “organisation” still have a revenue stream? I’m in the wrong business. Jesus Christ this is painful.

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  7. The clue-less Megan “mono brow” Moron should not be allowed to reproduce. At 56, she’s past the prime she never had.

    On a good note… that hedge trimmer she bought for her mono brow is really working.

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  8. I’m watching The “New” Screensavers. The first fifteen minutes, so far, is basically a Leo monologue of strangely intonated statements.

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  9. I’ll say this much for the latest “Live Special” at least there was actually somebody LIVE at the actual event instead of just ripping off a Microsoft and Apple live stream, sticking a frame around it and calling it “coverage.”

    As for the event itself. It wouldn’t have been interesting even if the room was full of naked NFL cheerleaders on trampolines.

    I’m sure Megan is a nice person but as a host she’s a train wreck that makes Elgum look like Walter Cronkite by comparison.

    There’s just no evidence of any journalistic talent there. That pretty much says it all without going into detail. Think about the worst news anchors you’ve ever seen and as a matter of routine she regularly exhibits all their worst traits.

    Can’t say more than 2 sentences without screwing up even after a year of doing it 5 days a week.

    Inserts personal bias into stories she doesn’t like then covers it up by playing dumb…..if she’s actually PLAYING DUMB I mean…

    Has no idea nor apparently any desire to know anything about the topics she’s reporting outside of whats on the teleprompter.

    There’s no sense of journalistic integrity or professional bearing at all. They might as well just have Siri read the news stories. It’d be more believable.

    Among other things.

    In short, not a professional in any sense of the word.

    But I’m sure she means well and at least she’s getting a paycheck to feed her offspring and of course…not screwing up a REAL network.

    Naked NFL Cheerleaders on Trampolines….

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  10. For some reason, Leo or some other fools are always interested in the colour of the persons shirts, on the Apple events. I can’t say for other keynotes, but you’re always guaranteed one host, or Leo commenting on the colour of Phil’s or Tim’s shirt. Who fucking cares what they’re wearing on stage, or what colour it is?

    This was when I’d watch the Apple event streaming, but also listen to their commontary (when TWiT was good). Now I just watch the Apple keynotes without their commentary and shitty advertisements.

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  11. I personally can’t stomach LeciaLens. I went in their chatroom about 5 times and he is never there. It looks to me like everyone abandoned totaldrama except him. “Helloworld” is not active, the nick in chatroom is a bot.

    This is the problem with helloworld and richardyes. They started this site and left it (voluntary?) to this crazy person. Now there is a hateful guy running it. He is not about anything anymore besides hate.

    Now it is lies, hate and misleading edits. May as well support Leo. I don’t see the any value here anymore.

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    1. ” I don’t see the any value here anymore.” and yet here you are posting and you say you repeatedly visited the chatroom.

      Tell us, is your affinity to Megan down to her being on the screen when you first realized you had a tingling sensation in your pants? Does it seem she’s talking to you, and only you when she’s on screen?

      All perfectly natural at your age. There’s no need to feel dirty or guilty, although the maternal figure for your desires is a little concerning.

      I recommend cold showers and wear boxing gloves to bed to avoid the morning after regrets.

      You’re welcome.

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    1. Lisa Laporte’s Penis said:
      What happened to the obsession with Christina Warren on the site?

      Nice pivot LL

      When Helloworld did that it was funny. Remember the hat thing. He never really even called her ugly, he made fun of her hat and hair care.

      Whereas you just call people fat and ugly. You sir are no where close to Helloworld so don’t pretend.

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      1. I’m curious. You seem to be a huge Megan Morrone fan. Do you honestly believe there is nothing there to make fun of?

        Tonight on TNT, Megan literally said “Today’s school teachers have grown up on Minecraft.” Discounting her unlistenable nasal whine voice, a “newscaster” who regularly (REGULARLY) says such asinine things isn’t open to ridicule? Really? REALLY?

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  12. The most Halloween edition of iOS Today has some creepy lines roped out by Leo commenting on his staff wearing costumes. It would be a more worthwhile “article” than showing Megan doing something she’s told and paid to do.

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