TWiT Terminated by Twitch

Update: Our long national nightmare is over. TWiT has been up and down on Twitch after this post was written.
TWiT Banned by Twitch
TWiT Banned by Twitch

Twitch — that’s hard to type without TWiT’s dumb mixed caps — has finally removed TWiT from its platform.

Twitch’s statement says that TWiT violated the terms of service. TWiT certainly has nothing to do with gaming after canceling Game On and OMGcraft. They were a holdover from when Leo Laporte broadcasted on Justin.TV before it became Twitch.

Twitch recently allowed creative content, which we thought might save TWiT, but in retrospect, that makes no sense. TWiT’s content isn’t creative at all; all they do is rip off others’ content and reproduce it as their own.

Perhaps the terms of service state that you are not allowed to show dick pics or cunt pics on the live stream. We’ll never know.

The tall ogre that walks around with his hands on his hips all day instead of working had this to say:

<+PDelahanty> Restarted the streams, but Twitch seems to be having a problem.  We'll try that again later.

He can’t even figure out that his embedded Twitch player that took him months to implement is broken because of TWiT being kicked off Twitch.

Apparently the other sheep can read, unlike Patrick Delahanty.

Let us see what the sheep had to say in #twitlive. Poor ScooterX is having to pretend to have any sort of insight. He’s their most valuable fake employee!

<@ScooterX> TWiT is aware that the Twitch stream is offline

<marsworm> so ScooterX there aware that it say "The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations "

<BillHicks> did twit leave twitch? mobile link seems down

<@ScooterX> BillHicks: "leave" is not the best term. Twitch pulled the stream for now

57 thoughts on “TWiT Terminated by Twitch”

        1. Actually on the Security Now show, lard ass Leo buffoonishly claimed that ‘his enemies’ who want to take him down might be responsible for the DDOS attack on

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          1. Leo is the sun and we’re all revolving in his orbit, you didn’t get the memo?

            Does he think TD is behind this? Where are all these jilted lovers banding together to bring him down?

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    1. JungleBunnyJim said:
      I hate that near-autistic Steve Gibson guy.

      You keep copy and pasting that same comment over and over. Did Steve not speak you in Starbucks or something?
      Repeating yourself over and over is starting to make you look unhinged?!

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  1. BillHicks: “leave” is not the best term. Twitch pulled the stream for now umm a better term is kicked , terminated, canceled and so on . scooter x is a moron trying to spin it. and for now ? good luck with that happening unless they pay them to be on it i dont see it coming back.

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  2. FINALLY !!!
    It took just forever for them to do the right thing.
    It’s a NetCast after all and has nothing to do with gaming what so ever. They got lucky that they could cruise along for such a long time. Wonder if fools tipped in the channel.

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  3. There must have been quite a few complaints made to TWITCH if they finally booted TWIT off. I always wondered why TWITCH allowed them to broadcast non gaming content.

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  4. And now like Leo does with You Tube, Leo will talk about how crap Twich is because You Tube and Twich have burst his popularity ego bubble.

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    1. He already has talked shit about Twitch and people who make money off of it, saying old ‘benefactors’ go on there and toss money at pretty young boys.

      It was obviously a dig at OMGChad having not failed after being booted from Petaluma… now I’m guessing your right and he will talk more shit about Twitch.

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  5. LMFAO!!!!

    The glass house that LeFatFuck and LeTranny Cunt is crashing down around them!!

    I read what LeoLaporteSucks wrote on Twitter and it made me so happy I ran over here to TD to get caught up , thanks for cheering me up with this latest ” nail in LaFatFucks coffin”

    “@LeoLaporteFraud: “We have people trying to put us out of business. I don’t know WHAT I did to cause that” – bare-faced liar + delusional #schmuck Leo Laporte ”

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  6. Now all that’s left is to be pulled from PRN and the twat ship is dead.

    “Scooter X in our chatroom ” is Soups dearest sycophant and apologist. A laughable piece of shit.

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  7. Need to update the UPDATE as our long national nightmare is STILL ONGOING!! TWiT is back on Twitch – – I just checked at 11:38pm EST, Feb 16 and that dentist show FLOSS is currently on. Wonder what “terms of service violations ” there were that could so quickly be dismissed and forgotten?

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  8. Wow, I think some of this is starting to get to Leo…LeoLaporteSicks seems to indicate public comments about TWiT guests and Tonya Hall

    1.) While the Tonya hall stuff is not good, it’s not her fault for posting it

    2.) Why is Leo bagging on guests? I’m sure that’ll help him get better ones (or any at all)

    This is getting crazy.

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  9. I encourage everyone to report them again. Their content is completely inappropriate for Twitch and they only use it as a means of getting a few more viewers. They do not care a bit for Twitch itself.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. There is being a little weight and then being obese. Tanya is an extremely big fat chick. Totally inexcusable not only for personal health reasons but to be parading out in public all that fatness is uncalled for. It’s sick man. Totally sickening. TWiT has zero standards…obviously.

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  10. TWiT should be booted for TOS violations but not for what they cover. LinusTechTips is a popular stream on Twitch and they and TWiT have some similar content. I doubt however that Linus shows photos of genitalia on their stream.

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        1. BlipBlop said:
          Is TotalDrama involved in aDDOS against Gibson? I hope not – that goes beyond poking fun and moves into the arena of mentally unbalanced criminality –

          “In the US, denial-of-service attacks may be considered a federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act with penalties that include years of imprisonment”

          Fuck Gibson! We’ve defended that douchebag time and time again against #soup. I can’t see any TD member DDOS-ing his site. I agree that’s totally uncool. I couldn’t do it if I wanted to – I don’t have the technical expertise. Not even close.

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      1. None of these pages load. But regardless Gibson must be totally delusional. No way TD would even consider doing anything like this. I’ve lost all respect for Gibson’s “tech savviness”. He’s just an alarmist douche bag. Fuck him.

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  11. From the Twitch rules of conduct:

    Pornography and Other Sexually Explicit Conduct
    Any content or activity involving pornography, sexual intercourse, or adult services is prohibited. Conduct involving exploitation of minors will be reported to authorities via the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

    Inappropriate Broadcaster Behavior and Attire
    Nudity and conduct involving overtly sexual behavior and/or attire are prohibited.

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  12. As of 17 Feb, 6:25 pm per the iOS twitch app:

    TWiT went offline

    So happy to know that there are still some things that scam artists like LaPorke and Madoff can’t borrow their way out of!

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  13. Lisa’s comment on her Art Is Anal website is such a joke. Does this sound like someone who knows how to even write, let alone sell?

    “I created Artisanal Agency because I wanted to help high-integrity networks succeed in keeping their content free to anyone and everyone who has Internet access by being an ad-supported network. My focus is solely on super-serving their audiences and bringing these amazing networks reputable advertisers whose integrity matches theirs.” Lisa Laporte, Founder

    I mean, doesn’t it just jump out at you, how much redundancy there is in there? How about “I created Art Is Anal agency because I wanted to help high-integrity succeed in keeping their content free to everyone with Internet access, by being ad-supported. My sole focus is on bringing these amazing content creators the sort of reputable advertisers that have that same high integrity”.

    I’m not a writer or a CEO, but even I know my version is punchier and more forward-looking than hers.

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      1. OMG that’s truly awful writing. She shares something with Steve Gibson, which is that she seems to have had an awful lot of short-term jobs before finally “Going it alone” (ie not being able to hold a job down, in both their cases).

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        1. Comparing Steve Gibson and Lisa ‘kunt-ho’ Kuntzel is really weird, polls apart.
          I don’t mind that some people dislike him, but he does have a brain that actually works, as for KuntSmell?

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    1. The name alone is cringe worthy. Hipsters have ruined “artisanal”, “bespoke”, and “boutique”. Figures she’s glomming onto outdated buzzwords to sell her worthless services.

      She’s a glorified ad manager. There’s nothing ‘artisanal” about it. And, looking at the ads served on TwiT – the crown jewels of her “artisanal” empire, she’s got the same damned ads running every other podcast had. What “unique” advertisers has she brought to TwiT that “match Twit’s integrity”?

      She’s a muddled headed, keyword spamming douchebag, like all the rest of them. She’s the online advertising version of Amway. I pity anyone who hires her.

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  14. BTW if Steve Gibson really is blaming this site for attacking his, it means he’s totally swallowed all the lies Leo has told for the last few years.

    All you have to do is watch this site for a few days or weeks and you’ll see there’s nothing more than talking going on here. No one speaks of trying to physically take down any of these sites.

    And people have defended Steve a LOT. I haven’t, because I think Gibson isn’t half as smart as he pretends he is – but none of us would be remotely interested in attacking Steve’s sites. Aside from the fact that no one here does that sort of thing, Steve isn’t even in anyone’s sites as “part of the problem”.

    For Steve to be naming this site shows such a lack of integrity on his part. Steve, you blow all your credibility when you stoop to such lows. It’s disgusting behaviour, because it can have a real impact on people’s lives. What happens here is discussion, not physical attacks on people’s websites.

    If you’re half the thinker you claim to be, you’ll withdraw any inference that people on this site are responsible for what’s happening to you.

    You’re just not that important.

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    1. Well said.

      He’s not that important, and we simply don’t care enough. We’re here to laugh at the buffoonery of TWiT owners, not carry out attacks or anything like that.

      Blaming someone for something you have no proof of is dangerous and foolish, even if the one being blamed isn’t exactly loveable.

      Don’t scapegoat TD baselessly because you don’t like what is written here.

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  15. This kind of site gathers haters in an unrestrained way. It makes perfect sense someone would claim the ddos is from totaldrama. Even if they didn’t do it. Even if it’s just to give totaldrama a bad rep. A lot of hate flows through some of the people who visit this site. I have no reason to think totaldrama organized an attack. But I do have reason to think it’s possible a reader of this site is behind it. What you could do now is make it clear you don’t condone this. Make sure the readers of this site know this isnt cool.

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  16. Fauxjournalist said:
    But I do have reason to think it’s possible a reader of this site is behind it.

    Whomever orchestrated the attack probably visits a lot of sites including the NY Times and TWiT. That does not mean you accuse the NY Times or TWiT. In the US, a ddos is a crime, and blaming someone for a crime with zero proof is reprehensible. I have not seen what Steve said because his site is down so I am withholding judgement.

    But I f Steve made an accusation, he better back it up.

    No matter what this site does, one can always count on Leo to stoop lower. He accused the site of attacking children when he exposed his genitals on air so my first inclination is always to trust TD and not Leo. Leo is a vile person who can’t stop lying. He has had haters long before TD and will have them long after. It is also just as likely the ddos has nothing to do with Leo and is about a security stance or statement Steve took. But when the truth is speedbump on your way to your goals there is no reason to let a detail like being truthful stand in the way.

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    1. You’re not the New York Times. Let’s be real.

      If someone names you (unconfirmed), you address the accusation. Or would you instead take a page from twits playbook and pretend your own shit doesn’t stink?

      Is there some reason totaldrama shouldn’t clarify their stance on this? This what I’m suggesting the owners and operators of this site do. It sends the message you aren’t assholes.

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      1. Fauxjournalist said: Is there some reason totaldrama shouldn’t clarify their stance on this? This what I’m suggesting the owners and operators of this site do. It sends the message you aren’t assholes.

        That’s a really bad way to live though. TD shouldn’t have to send any message of any sort. Steve Gibson should be made to substantiate his accusation.

        People will believe whatever they want to believe. I mean, Molly made a ridiculous comment a week ago, saying that there’s so much “satire” on this site, no one reading it can tell what is true and what isn’t – she was referring to the vagina photo. But that’s just nonsense – this site has NEVER done that kind of satire, it’s never made up fake stuff like that. Yet in Molly’s mind, not only does TD do that, it does it so often, you can’t tell what’s true and what isn’t.

        Anyone who reads the site knows that Molly got that completely wrong, yet she’s convinced herself that it was true.

        So, those who see things in such small terms, in such black and white, will assume that TD organised a DDOS attack just cos TD is against Leo. If anyone thinks like that, they’re an idiot – why should TD have to address it?

        It reminds me of people telling me that, as a gay man, I shouldn’t “flaunt my sexuality” (eg holding my partner’s hand in public) because it will make people feel uncomfortable. It’s the same thing – someone who is the victim of shitty thinking by other people, having to change their behaviour in the hope that those other people will think better of you.

        Maybe TD will post about it, maybe they won’t. But they shouldn’t have to just to make themselves look better. Steve made a shitty accusation, and I have even less faith in the man than I already did – I’ve followed his work for years and seen just how shallow his skills really are; I’m deeply suspicious of the reasons behind Spinrite not being updated, and of the things he accuses others of on security issues. I do not believe he’s a voice that should be listened to on security matters – he never publishes anything that improves network security, he never does *anything* really. And the way he’s given his full support to Leo’s bad behaviour, including the way Leo treated JCD recently, makes me think he’s no kind of intellectual.

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  17. Unfortunately our long national nightmare is STILL ONGOING!! TWiT is back on Twitch – – I just checked at 9:43pm EST, Thursday Feb 18 and “Know How” is on with the Priest playing with dry ice pretending to be “Mr Wizard”. I will say this again.. wonder what “terms of service violations ” there were that could so quickly be dismissed and forgotten? Why does TWiT keep being taken down but then popping back on Twitch??

    GRC is back up but those two links posted by “The Learned Mage” are giving me “News host is not responding!” errors.

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