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TWiT Terminated by Twitch

Update: Our long national nightmare is over. TWiT has been up and down on Twitch after this post was written.
TWiT Banned by Twitch
TWiT Banned by Twitch

Twitch — that’s hard to type without TWiT’s dumb mixed caps — has finally removed TWiT from its platform.

Twitch’s statement says that TWiT violated the terms of service. TWiT certainly has nothing to do with gaming after canceling Game On and OMGcraft. They were a holdover from when Leo Laporte broadcasted on Justin.TV before it became Twitch.

Twitch recently allowed creative content, which we thought might save TWiT, but in retrospect, that makes no sense. TWiT’s content isn’t creative at all; all they do is rip off others’ content and reproduce it as their own.

Perhaps the terms of service state that you are not allowed to show dick pics or cunt pics on the live stream. We’ll never know.

The tall ogre that walks around with his hands on his hips all day instead of working had this to say:

<+PDelahanty> Restarted the streams, but Twitch seems to be having a problem.  We'll try that again later.

He can’t even figure out that his embedded Twitch player that took him months to implement is broken because of TWiT being kicked off Twitch.

Apparently the other sheep can read, unlike Patrick Delahanty.

Let us see what the sheep had to say in #twitlive. Poor ScooterX is having to pretend to have any sort of insight. He’s their most valuable fake employee!

<@ScooterX> TWiT is aware that the Twitch stream is offline

<marsworm> so ScooterX there aware that it say "The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations "

<BillHicks> did twit leave twitch? mobile link seems down

<@ScooterX> BillHicks: "leave" is not the best term. Twitch pulled the stream for now