TWiT Sinks to a New Low

Lard-ass of the Century, Leo Laporte is now back to begging his “fans” for money. The editorial board at Total Drama is not quite sure what to do with this outrageous and cynical grab for cash. Instead of holding his fat hand out like a common Petaluma street bum, perhaps Leo could put down the soup spoon, dump his hag wife and get on the treadmill. That’s the best way for people to support Leo:

tough love.

Send him a tweet to stop begging for money and instead spend his time producing better content. If you can spare the time, ask Megan Morrone to stop being a racist.

25 thoughts on “TWiT Sinks to a New Low”

  1. Tip jar is apt for the shitty job they’re doing nowadays, you only tip minimum wage workers IRL.

    Seriously, he needs fucking tips? How many tips to make up for two totally frivolous totally unnecessary Segways? Just to name one senseless waste of money by the Gruesome Twosome of Peatluma…

    Instead of asking people for chump change he should try practicing some restraint when it comes to wasting the money he already has.

    Greedy as fuck.

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  2. The tip jar was on their old site and has been on the site the whole time. This is nothing new…just another crappy waste of my time brought to us by the asshat of this site, HelloWorld.
    Go choke on a bag of dicks, HW.

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    1. Funny how these people (this person, I’d bet) always feels the need to waste time telling us how his time has been wasted. And yet he (it’ll be a he, or it’ll be a Lisa) has no idea just what an idiot he looks like when he does so.

      “This is nothing new, just someone making a dick of themselves in a comments thread”

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  3. Only a Millionaire Psychopath like Leo would ask his fans for money. The Stupid idiotic fan base he’s build up and maintains is what keeps this FUCK on the air. Hopefully enough of these moron fans will wake up and realize Leo HATES you. He Despises You. You and your stupid “Tech Questions” he can’t answer. You and your petty little tech problems because you can’t afford the most expensive newest Tech Shit. Leo says…FUCK YOU! Send him your money, download his podcasts, visit his sites regularly so he can make more money and FUCK you even harder. IDIOT FANS! GET A FUCKING CLUE! STOP FEEDING THIS MONSTER!

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  4. Leo and Lisa grew TWiT from nothing into a million dollar business, and I can understand that, even some of their behavior was greedy and cynical and they shit on their audience. Ok, fair enough. It’s no longer a community, it’s a business. Well played.

    But now they want to dip back into our pockets, after burning shit tons of money on lavish holidays, cars and a mansion.

    I can’t imagine there is much of a well left to draw from – is anyone aside from the shut-ins who spend their day in the chat room still invested enough in this project to give them money? All the people who cared about what they were doing have been told to fuck off, and most of them did.

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  5. I guess #Soup and the CEHo are having troubles scraping up the monthly payment for the A8 company car along with the monthly $hi+house rent and the advance rent on the new studio. I bought the merchandise in past to support the shows, but the quality of TWiT is so bad, I can’t even download the podcasts any more much less give #Soup a bone.

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  6. Get rid of some of TWIT’s 25 body s”support”staff (maybe Lisa won’t allow it?)
    Stop buying a lot of shit and STOP bragging about it!
    AHHHH Shit! Who cares!
    Sad, sad, sad! It hurts because I still hope Leo will see the light….

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