Becky Worley squirts herself with joy

Becky Worley caught mid-squirt.
Becky Worley caught mid-squirt.

Professional lady journalist Becky Worley—and inexplicable supposed friend of Leo Laporte—nearly squirt herself right out of the million-dollar studio recently during “Good Morning America’s” dopey 40for40 stunt (who even knows that that means) during the late-night broadcast. Luckily enough she was able to recover in time to complete the hour-long show.

Highlights from the non-event include:

  • Leo having to admit that Petaluma is in the middle of nowhere.
  • Becky referring to Leo’s netcasting empire as a “podcast.”
  • A creepy musician playing with himself.
  • No in-studio appearance by Padre the fatass fake clown priest. (Possibly the year’s greatest highlight besides DickPicGate.)
  • Becky reminding Leo that he used to be on network television shilling stupid gadgets on “Live with Regis and Kelly” made for a wonderfully sad moment.
  • Seeing OMGChad’s weird goatee; he was obviously trying to hide his unexpected weight gain that resulted in the sudden growth of his very own double chin. See for yourself.

Watching Becky produce a show so effortlessly while Leo stood by with his hands in his pockets was immensely satisfying to longtime hate-watchers. It’s almost as if having a pleasing onscreen presence, being prepared and being well-spoken (in a non-sexist way) might just be something Leo should emulate.

In an odd twist, there was zero discussion of Megan Morrone’s recent foray into racism. The editorial board at Total Drama was hoping for a wide-ranging talk about Megan Morrone being a racist. Well there’s always next week. Megan is bound to say something racist.

28 thoughts on “Becky Worley squirts herself with joy”

  1. Becky was probably hoping for a live Leo melt down, which she could break the next morning on GMA . I’ll bet she had two cameras running one of which was trained always below Leo’s belt.

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  2. Notice how Lisa always claims their will be more info later concerning her “Inside TWaT” postings and the updates never materialize. Lisa !!! You stupid cunt, if you block Twitter followers and you post on Twitter the updates, you really haven’t kept your promise!!! Maybe you should bring in your Ex and tell us about broken promises ….

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  3. 40 for 40 is a play on ESPN’s 30 for 30….Espn’s was 30 events for the 30 years that ESPN was on the air. No clue what GMA is about

    And leave Becky alone.

    Otherwise not a terrible post.

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      1. I’ll be damned, you’re right. She lives with a woman named Jane Mitchell.

        She’s seldom on TWiT because she has actual talent. The last time she hosted This Week in Tech was terrific. I remember wishing Leo would never return from vacation, and she could just take over.

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        1. Yep, Becky is gay, though what she sees in her partner, I’ll never know. She did the old turkey baster to knock herself up.

          And who the fuck names a kid “Finn”? Reason enough to hate her!

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  4. Becky is stunningly gorgeous!!

    Chad on the other hand looks like he hasn’t been outside in months. Pale Chad, standing next to that pathetic metal shelf and poor excuse of a “studio” is just sad.

    LeHo is the center of the whole circle jerk.

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  5. One moar scoop here from the Lips of Jizz.

    Leo has been shopping himself for a while now to get back on network TV. He plans to go back into the ‘old’ media. Lisa is pushing him in to it. I just needed you all to know the truth.

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  6. I love how he put chad down at the end, “I never thought he would have a good job”

    I worked for a guy just like Leo. That stiff phony friendly character. It’s the worst kind of human I have ever seen in all my years.

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  7. Why are the TD fans not giving in tips?

    They lost the lease on the new space and no one knows!
    They fire the website guy Joe from TNT and no one tells TD!

    Instead, a non–story about Becky, a dumb joke about Megan, the tired #dicpic story again, and a screen shot of a google search result.

    I get my news from @leolaportefraud now

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    1. Did they really lose the lease on that new place in an industrial park on the outskirts of Petaluma? Or did a problem come up with it that they’re working on. On TD everything bad gets exaggerated 100 times. Leo gets a cold and they say he’s terminally ill. Hard to get the truth here. I don’t watch twit anymore so I’m in the dark about twit happenings and this dumbsite is little help.

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        1. Won’t be space for a new writer if you’re still here pushing down decent stories with your constant asshattery. Go punch yourself in the ol’ dickbags.

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      1. Is that’s why Jim And Tammy Baker of podcasting are asking fans for money again? The new studio in Leo’s basement will happen as soon as they can move the sex dungeon to the spare bedroom.

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  8. Chad’s ‘beard’ is for No Shave November – it looks like he can’t really grow a beard, isn’t he like 25 now? Looks pretty wispy.

    Also I wonder what Chad’s occupation will be in ten years when Minecraft and YouTube are both either dead or really passe?

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  9. The funny thing for me, is that Chad is making more money then Leo. This last Monday Chad made $5,000 in about 3 hours during a twitch live stream. Grant you its from these few girls that think some how they would have a shot at his dick, but $5,000 is $5,000.

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