Leo Laporte Gives Up Hope for Being a Normal Weight

Leo Laporte BMI Chart
Leo Laporte BMI Chart
Obese Leo Laporte is 5’10”. He should weigh between 132 and 173 to be a healthy weight.

He used to have a wish to be a healthy weight, even if he never had the drive, self control, or respect for others to achieve it.

231.4 – 76.4 = 155 (Middle of normal range)

Now, the sad old man’s goal is only to one day be overweight instead of obese. Let’s see if he can achieve that! He’s trending higher in 2 years, not lower, so we don’t have high hopes.

234.7 – 54.7 = 180 (Overweight)

39 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Gives Up Hope for Being a Normal Weight”

  1. It’s my doing. I am concerned that if Leo loses weight that it will come entirely from his dick. It’s small enough for God’s sake so have some mercy for me.

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  2. I’m Leo’s height and was suffering increasing health problems just being moderately overweight; imagining myself at the obesity level with a Leo like massive gut is unfathomable both from a health and appearance standpoint. I’m back to the mid 150s and no longer on various meds due to a special but permanent diet called less food down the gullet. Obviously the self-control option might not be in the cards for Leo, and he might want to consult a mental health professional unless he prefers a premature appointment with an embalmer.

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  3. He suffers from something quite common in the tech community. It’s called sit in front of a computer and do nothing all day disease. His ego would like you to know it’s because of all of the people who talk badly about him all day that has his self esteem bruised though. LOL and part of his argument will be correct when he says, “I’ve done nothing to deserve any of this.” He will then proceed to quote the great Elvis’ last words during a cheeseburger session when he said “Aaaaaaaa!”

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    1. It’s really not fair to say Léo is just sitting their doing nothing.

      It takes real effort to keep this size up, as evidenced by the near-constant munching and slurping during recordings, please don’t underestimate Léo’s dedication to his obesity!

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    1. Define “all this”. Gaining weight on a weight loss program is utter abject failure. You can lose weight in 3 years by taking a walk once in a while.

      Can you link the articles you cited?

      Leo Laporte has in fact gained weight, but this article is about goal-setting.

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    2. Mike,

      Lay-o is grossly obese – or as the doctors call it morbidly obese. He reinforces the grossness of his bloated body by eating on camera – often stuffing his face with all manner of caloric intake.

      It’s offensive actually and so we laugh about here on Total Drama.

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  4. Some people aren’t going to be happy until he goes into cardiac arrest on the set one of these days. Followed by heroic attempts to revive him that are not successful.

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  5. Leo’s going to go from having a lil’ chode to having a baby carrot dick if loses the weight. No worries though, my cock will always be big enough to pound is ass raw.

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  6. 180lb is an ideal weight for 5’10″… but then again, I guess that doesn’t sound as “drama” as “overweight.”

    I need to remove this useless website from my Google Now reminders… thanks for wasting 4 minutes if my precious time.

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    1. “180lb is an ideal weight for 5’10″”

      BS. I’m taller and 180 pounds would be borderline overweight for me. (and certainly felt that way the one time I was close)

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  7. Why is this place so dead?

    I would say crap like Jason Calacanis on this week’s TWiT deserve an article so we can comment on how stupid he is.

    Some of the shit that comes out his mouth would be gold put into a mini compilation. Like in the pre-show when he baited the British guy into another Tesla jizzfest:

    Brit: “I spent the whole weekend reviewing the Nexus phones and now I’m doing the Ford Mustang.”
    Calacanis: “Ford Mustang the car?”
    Brit: “Uh, yeah.”
    Calacanis: “So what’s new about it?”
    Brit: “Well it’s has these lights that project a Mustang logo on the ground when you open the door, and…”
    Calacanis: “OH HAHAHA! THAT IS SO PATHETIC! Telsa is so cool, Elon just pushed an update right up my ass. Honda and Toyota are crapping themselves since Elon is so awesome and handsome.”

    Or when Jason put on his drug abuse expert hat and claimed alcohol and tobacco are worse than meth and heroin. Going by those ever present bags under his eternally watery eyes I guess he speaks from experience? Because we all know the average smoker is so much worse off than the average methhead.

    Fuck you Jason, you put every last shitty guest to shame. I’d rather watch filmgirl.

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