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Leo Laporte Gets Called Out on Triangulation for Knowing Nothing About the Guest

The video has been updated due to the great tip from commenter “Me”. Thanks to all our great community members. Be sure to give the video another watch if you watched before the update.

It’s well known that #soup no longer prepares for any show and can’t be bothered to show up on time for any of them anymore either, but he’s usually not called out on it. His obese antics caught Megan Prelinger off guard on Triangulation, however, and she expressed her surprise on the live stream.

He really doesn't give a shit.
He really doesn’t give a shit.
We really can’t believe we’re advising you to do this, but the editorial board at Total Drama encourages you to download or watch the latest Triangulation episode 214. Leo Laporte flips through the author’s book and comments on the pictures, all the way through to the works cited.

Leo “ads will never exceed one per 30 minutes” Laporte slams in three ads into a less than 51 minute episode, all the while knowing nothing about the guest or the subject and reading through the book like a young child would view a Dr. Seuss book. That’s an ad every 17 minutes (including the time it takes to read the ad). It’s a sight to behold and we encourage you watch it; the episode is more ad than content.

Unfortunately, our video content at the top of this post didn’t make it into the published episode, but we archived it for you, dear reader.

And, for what it’s worth, Megan Prelinger had no idea what she was in for and had no clue where she was. She thought she was on This Week in Science, as evidenced in now-deleted tweets.

Poor woman. Tweets have since been deleted by Megan.
Poor woman. Tweets have since been deleted by Megan.

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