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Leo Laporte Drags Steve Gibson Through the Mud Again

"He said what about me??"
“He said what about me??”

In yet another breach of decorum by a supposed professional broadcaster, the editorial team at Total Drama has taken possession of video in which Leo Laporte pretty much takes a sledgehammer to “Security Now” host Steve Gibson, smashing his personality and slamming his general good nature.

One would not be blamed for finding it hard to believe that Leo Laporte didn’t learn his lesson the last time we covered him massively disrespecting Steve Gibson live on-air. Scratch that. #Soup never learns and he’s a sociopath in our opinion.

The video above is just the latest example. Many tips were sent in—so thank you—but it took a while to compile all the footage and give our readers the appropriate context that they deserve.

If you can’t watch the video, here’s a little summary:

  1. Leo Laporte says Steve Gibson drones on when speaking.
  2. Leo says Paul Thurrott will call Steve Gibson “an idiot” over his Windows 10 concerns.
  3. Paul shared the same concerns and refused to call Steve an idiot.

Previous video from the last time: