All TWiT contributors should demand more money

Leo thinks that he can get away with not paying TWiT contributor more money.
Leo thinks that he can get away with not paying TWiT contributors more money.

Leo Laporte just announced that 60 million more people will soon be able to listen to TWiT shows on Spotify. They are apparently a “launch partner” of the new service rolling out shortly.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Any current TWiT show contributor should immediately demand more money from Leo ‘n’ Lisa if their content and talent is to be used to line the pockets of the owners.

It’s only fair! And for the underpaid staff and contributors to not be able to share in this larger share of revenue because of the increased exposure brought about by this new partnership deal would be a criminal grab for cash on the part of Lisa “Kentzell” Laporte. Watch your wallets, TWiT contributors!

5 thoughts on “All TWiT contributors should demand more money”

  1. If TWiT makes more money it benefits everyone involved with TWiT. It’s called trickle down economics and it was praticed by our last great American president, Ronald Reagan. Is TD becoming un_American? Take this post back to Russia where it came from. #USA #TWiT_Patriot!

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  2. Elgum posted that TNT was on Spotify and yet I cannot find it there. Could Mikey be mistaken, lying or under the influence of huffing propane? Or is this a diversion?

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