OMGchad Continues Crushing It Outside Leo Laporte’s Clutches

The Editorial Board would like to congratulate Chad Johnson (@OMGchad) on the first non-TWiT episode of The Giz Wiz.

It's true.
It’s true.

Leaving the nest worked out well, for OMGcraft and now The Giz Wiz. We’re still bitter about RedditUp. Chad used a custom setup with a few webcams, Skype, and a small switcher remote (pictured below) combined with some software to make a production to rival and surpass TWiT’s million dollar studio.

On that topic, take a look at the Giz Wiz website that was put together in a few days by t2t2 and blendermf. It cost effectively nothing, since Chad has smart friends, was thrown together in a few days, and it still looks and works better than #Soup’s $350k abortion of a site.

If you like The Giz Wiz and want to ensure its future success, donate to the Giz Wiz Patreon. Total Drama is not affiliated with The Giz Wiz or Chad in any way. We’re just fans. Good luck, Chad!

Interesting (“inner resting” for Patrick Norton) aspects of the show and chat:

  1. FatFuckSJ tried to tell them how to run their audio production in their chat (not part of TWiT’s chat).
  2. ScooterX was in their chat (with no power, which is funny).
  3. The shutins/sheep were going nuts without mods, like asylum patients set free and who don’t know how to live on the outside. Dr_Mom freaked out about someone saying a wordy dirty.
  4. No one was K-Lined or muted.
  5. They don’t go into nazi mode there because of us running a bridge, unlike #twitlive. In fact, they gave us permission.
What isn't really?
What isn’t really?

35 thoughts on “OMGchad Continues Crushing It Outside Leo Laporte’s Clutches”

      1. TWiT is like the CNN of tech. I think the pressure of performing on TWiT was just too much for Dick and Chad. They’re nice guys and all but they just don’t have the charisma (like Leo or Padre) to shine on the big stage.

        I think the Giz Wiz going independent (remember, it wasn’t canceled) is working out for everyone. Without the pressure to get ads and downloads, maybe Dick and Chad can work the kinks out and start aiming higher than just ‘the same dumb show’.

        Plus it allows the TWiT staff more time to focus on new shows, like the incredible The New Screen Savers. A new take on an old favorite! It really feels like Leo has assembled the right team around him (the TWiT staff rock!), a great studio – the brick house!, and has managed to pull in some old friends to make the show seems familiar but very current and modern. It’s even to good for Total Drama to troll! #TWiT_BetterThenEver!

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        1. lol it wasn’t canceled? You didn’t see the last show with Leo did you? He kept telling Dick “the show never made any money… We lost a lot of money in the show”. Leo was brutal. Dick was a gentleman. Just because Leo says it wasn’t canceled, doesn’t mean it wasn’t.

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          1. When I say that Leo was brutal, I don’t mean he was being a dick, I mean he was clear the show didn’t perform. I believe Leo felt really bad terminating the show. I really believe he couldn’t produce it anymore, and that’s ok. Business is business. Leo had a soft spot for Dick.

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          1. First, Leo wasn’t belittling Dick, he was just ‘hamming it up’. It’s the nature of the show to be self-deprecating. I thought it was a class act for Leo to come in on his day off and do a sendoff for Dick. It’s like even when Leo does the right thing, you troll him, I don’t get it? I’m guessing you never even watched the Giz Wiz anyway.

            It wasn’t cancelled, it transitioned. And Leo and TWiT has supported that transition. Leo will plug the show every week on The Tech Guy too!

            Second, TWiT is not a philanthropic organization. The Giz Wiz rarely had ads. Leo paid both Dick and Chad, a technical director, plus Jeff Needles to produce. That adds up. I’m excited to see those resources go to a great new show, namely The New Screen Savers! #TWIT_AwesomeNewShow! Leo is very transparent, his shows basically make all the money. He is such a rare talent to do some many ‘on air’ hours but still be fresh and entertaining. #LeoRocks! Look, TWiT isn’t communist Russia, nor should it be, and we should be supporting Leo and Lisa’s efforts to get rid of under performing shows.

            And finally, you’re just jealous that Padre is so good on air. He went from chat room to prime time and deserves it, cause he just has ‘it’. I really think you’ll see him blossom on The New Screen Savers. A quad-copter segments anyone? #Padre_GoForIt!

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  1. I was super *excited* and impressed. It goes to show you what passion and creativity can produce. It also goes to show you what you get when you have employees who are treated like animals, and herded by a few incompetent money hungry greedy owners. I am glad they are spending millions to get no better than what others do with a few bucks.

    Bobo out.

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  2. That was actually impressive. I was a bit worried about the quality because Chad wouldn’t have room to build out a set or have the production equipment and all that. But it just goes to show you what you can do with a couple hundred bucks and a little effort. SUPER impressed with this whole thing so far. I already liked Chad (I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea around here, but I’ve always thought he was pretty adorable) and this just shows that he is dedicated and entrepreneurial.

    I’m just really impressed that this was done with two $70 webcams, an $80 switcher, and free software. I’m literally floored.

    Also, did anyone else realize that after one independent episode, they already got a raise from what Twit was paying? Good for them!

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    1. OBS, yes.
      Show was far better than in thought it would be. So good that i will probably watch future episodes.

      Switching and cameras are already at a pretty good level. Time will only make it better.

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  3. I’m very impressed with Chad and Dicks new show. No matter how one looks at their situation, ie, getting dumped and getting dumped with little notice, Chad moving 450 miles , new apartment etc, the “new ‘ show was at least as well produced as before. wouldn’t it be great if a larger network picked up the show and paid the hosts real $$$$.

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      1. That so called ‘boot’ got them where they are today. Without TWiT and Leo this show wouldn’t exist. The new show is OK, but I miss the ‘old time radio corner’ set. The new set looks like some guys apartment, which I guess it is.

        So stop trolling Leo, he is completely supporting this new Giz Wiz, and he is even letting Dick on TWiT’s newest hit show, The New Screen Savers. Which is a great show. I can’t wait for Keven Rose to co-host! Like old times but new!

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        1. “The new set looks like some guys apartment, which I guess it is.”

          Which is how TWiT will end up after they leave the Brickhouse. Leo will come full circle back to one little room.

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  4. I never liked Chad (but didn’t hate him either), because he was too hyper and “GOSH! GEE WIZ!” for my taste, but now I have done the mother of all 180’s.

    What Chad did in one week blows my mind! He moves to another city driving his worldly possessions from N. Cal to S. Cal. That alone would do me in physically and psychologically for weeks.

    But then, in the same fucking week, from a brand new place of residence, using brand new HW and SW, he creates from scratch and with almost no money a set that is lean but good-looking and serviceable, and a show that was technically as good (or better) than anything coming out of the million dollar, 20+ employee, 20,000 square foot Brickhouse. NO EXAGGERATION! And the first show was absolutely seamless, not a single glitch that I could see which makes his production-on-a-shoestring BETTER than the Brickhouse.

    I am now in awe of this young twerp and am not worried about his post-TWiT future. TWiT’s future is another question.

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  5. The list of technology and services that exist today that didn’t exist when Leo started TWiT 10 years ago is pretty insane: YouTube, Google Hangouts, Dropcam, Meerkat, Periscope… Not to mention Kickstarter and Patreon.

    A new generation that grew up watching Leo (well, Colleen really) hash through all the technical issues and patch everything with Cat5 and gaffer tape can just use commodity tools and concentrate on content. Look at Tom, Dan Benjamin, etc.

    Leo’s competitive advantage was the fact he (1) had a pre-existing audience from TechTV and the radio, (2) had figured out the technology and (3) had relationships with advertisers such that you could launch a show with advertisers support.

    You don’t need TWiT for #2 (tech) anymore, so the only real reason to go to TWiT is to build an audience you can turn around and have fund you on Patreon or Kickstarter. As Tom and Dan Benjamin… and heck, OMGChad… get more successful and start providing guests with exposure, TWiT’s centralized studio-based model will fade away.

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  6. They should be thanking Leo And TWiT for the audience he directed to their show. I’m sure the show will get a huge boost from when Dick gets to plug it on The New Screen Savers.

    And see, the show wasn’t canceled. Just moved off the network.

    And The New Screen Savers is incredible! Like the old one but updated and very current with today. So informative and entertaining. Patrick really knows the finer point between using N and AC routers! Brutally honest router talk! This show is a hit already.

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  7. Boring before, boring now. Only difference is now they can’t blame TWaT. Just because anyone *can* make a show doesn’t mean that everyone *should* make a show. Shit is still shit, regardless if you’re part of a shit network or independent

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  8. On a longer range view…. Chad working with Dick will only get better and more polished and after the show is long gone, he’ll have something to throw out at a interview that will lead to many open doors.

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  9. To The Fake Molly, quit acting like me. I’m the one and only Molly. I don’t come here that much anymore because I find the people in here poison. Also, I’m busy with school. Have finals this week and start summer school in two weeks.
    I hope you guys rot for the shit you’ve written about Leo and TWiT. This is my last visit here.

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  10. See again. There’s Molly, who like most women cannot participate in a valid, intelligent discussion . Instead she resorts to Ad Hominem arguments. Fucking stupid fat cunt.

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  11. Who knows what was behind this decision to cancel; we can all guess. If you cancel all the shows that don’t make money, will there be any tech shows left? In a grocery store, they all have milk, though it’s a loss leader; they don’t simply stop carrying milk.

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