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OMGchad Continues Crushing It Outside Leo Laporte’s Clutches

The Editorial Board would like to congratulate Chad Johnson (@OMGchad) on the first non-TWiT episode of The Giz Wiz.

It's true.
It’s true.

Leaving the nest worked out well, for OMGcraft and now The Giz Wiz. We’re still bitter about RedditUp. Chad used a custom setup with a few webcams, Skype, and a small switcher remote (pictured below) combined with some software to make a production to rival and surpass TWiT’s million dollar studio.

On that topic, take a look at the Giz Wiz website that was put together in a few days by t2t2 and blendermf. It cost effectively nothing, since Chad has smart friends, was thrown together in a few days, and it still looks and works better than #Soup’s $350k abortion of a site.

If you like The Giz Wiz and want to ensure its future success, donate to the Giz Wiz Patreon. Total Drama is not affiliated with The Giz Wiz or Chad in any way. We’re just fans. Good luck, Chad!

Interesting (“inner resting” for Patrick Norton) aspects of the show and chat:

  1. FatFuckSJ tried to tell them how to run their audio production in their chat (not part of TWiT’s chat).
  2. ScooterX was in their chat (with no power, which is funny).
  3. The shutins/sheep were going nuts without mods, like asylum patients set free and who don’t know how to live on the outside. Dr_Mom freaked out about someone saying a wordy dirty.
  4. No one was K-Lined or muted.
  5. They don’t go into nazi mode there because of us running a bridge, unlike #twitlive. In fact, they gave us permission.
What isn't really?
What isn’t really?