Jeff Jarvis thinks David Letterman sent him personal notes

Idiotic blowhard Jeff Jarvis is currently operating under the severe delusion that David Letterman actually sent him personal notes. Jarvis is so old and his eyes so weak that he can’t tell that these are simple form letters sent by assistants and then signed by an intern. David Letterman obviously has no clue that these letters were even sent.

Update: The editorial board at TotalDrama has just learned that Jeff Jarvis’s most-prized possession is in fact, not these letters, but his United Airlines Global Services membership made possible by his unethical business relationship with Google, Inc.

18 thoughts on “Jeff Jarvis thinks David Letterman sent him personal notes”

  1. It’s a good thing Jeff a man of high moral character (it seems to me that is a prerequisite to be on the TWiT network), cause a lesser man could be influenced by ‘tokens of affection’ in their pursuit of journalistic excellence. I’m sure he covers Google with the same objectivity as he did his buddy Dave. #CNN_of_Tech

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    1. lol Jeff is anything but objective. He would back Google if they were harvesting DNA from users without their explicit consent. At least Gina Trapani used to be the one with ethics.

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  2. HelloWorld: Me? Stupid? I’m not the one who wastes hours each day laboring under the delusion that I’m getting revenge on a podcaster because he was mean to me in a chat room.

    Nobody cares about your posts here. You’re insignificant. You’re changing nothing. You’re just some loser with a personality disorder.

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  3. “Nobody cares about your posts here. You’re insignificant. You’re changing nothing. You’re just some loser with a personality disorder.”

    Oh Jason, what’s so fantastically precious is that you’re the one posting angry retorts, while everyone else is just having fun.

    Every time I see a response from you, I love it – you’ve got absolutely no self-awareness at all, no ability to see yourself as everyone else here sees you.

    Your responses are always so angry, why do you put yourself through this? No one here is going to agree with a single word you say – literally everyone else laughs at what you say.

    Aside from the serious stuff about how bad Twit has become, people here are just having fun. Yet you take it so seriously. And please don’t even try with the “no I’m just pointing out….” – someone who just wants to correct mistakes doesn’t post the kind of angry rants that you do.

    Your emotional health would be greatly improved by never visiting this site again.

    However, I think I speak for every single reader when I say “please, please don’t go, your comments are wonderful”.

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  4. I wonder just what Jeffs boss at the college thinks.
    Does he/she even care if Javis spends most of his time on social media or using school resources for podcasts?

    Jarvis, Leo, and yes Gina will always live under a magnifying
    glass. Perhaps Leo actually did help people and answer tech questions without Google or chat. Leo has outlived his usefulness in tech. Jarvis needs to keep teaching and pimping for Google. And Gina you keep trolling. After all you are one of the “good ole boys” now. Please keep doing what you do. So we can watch. There is always someone watching.

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