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Today I would like to examine how Padre destroyed another show. When the wonderful Nicole Lee was at TWiT she created a show that seemed a perfect fit for their audience. A product review show. This show has been destroyed by pure laziness. Let us take a look at exactly what they choose to review now that Padre is at the helm. On the latest episode I’ll admit they did review one proper product, The Samsung Galaxy S6. A device people may actually be interested in purchasing. But let us inspect and opine on what else piqued their interest.

Junk is junky

Myriam bought a $99 Kickstarter gadget that was essentially an ancient dumbed-down Android tablet running the Instagram app. I ask you Padre, does this need to be reviewed? Are there more than eight people inhabiting our planet interested in buying this? We know Myriam had it lying around her apartment but is that a reason it should be featured on the show? And of course the review consisted of her shitting on the product for being exactly what anyone with a brain would have expected it to be.

I love being on camera
I love being on camera

The next product on the agenda was a mystery to me. I watched the review four times and still do not know what the product was. It was either an accessory to a professional television camera, a rig to hold the camera or an actual camera. The chances of anyone from the audience being remotely interested in making this purchase lies somewhere between zero and zero.

Another day
Another day, another toy

If the quadcopter fans don’t get enough of them contraptions on Know-How, and if hundreds of hours of coverage of these things have not quenched their thirst, Padre reviewed another one. In summary: push the joystick forward and it goes forward, push right and it goes right, et cetera et cetera.

Plug it in
Plug it in?

I do not have any idea what the last product he reviewed was. (see right) But I think I have ten of them in one of my drawers in an old dresser. Padre, here is a free tip on how to do a product review show; review products people want reviewed. It is not complicated. Anyway remember, “if you’re gonna take a shit, do it while you watch, Before You Buy. See ya next time.”

16 thoughts on “Before You Host”

  1. Nicole Lee was terrible, both at TWiT and CNet. I myself learned English as a second language so I understand that learning a new language is hard but she was extremely hard to understand. Her unceremonious leaving ofTWiT is the only positive I’ve seen in the last five years.

    ByB is just a shitty show, only designed to maximize their ads – it has no value to the viewer. They have random people review products we often have never heard of (couch with wireless speaker) or products that nobody needs a review on (iPhone, iPad) when there’s professional reviewers working out of labs at places like CNet and rating things on a proper scale and not some cutesy buy, try or don’t buy scale that means squat.

    But now with Padre it’s not even worth watching to laugh at the junky products. Now it’s all quad copter this, fake smirk that.

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  2. I miss the the days when byb was a mish mash of poorly audio balanced staffers with no presentation skills whispering into a microphone, resenting the unpaid extra work Soup made them do. Watching endless drone reviews (or is that just irony?) and reviews of mouldy shit no one would buy just can’t compete.

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  3. The only reason this jabroni is still at TWiT is because they’re not paying him anything.

    I can’t stand the way his voice changes when he does the advertisements. It’s beyond me no one at TWiT has called him on that because it’s irritating as fuck.

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