16 thoughts on “Celebrate International Women’s Day by telling Film_Girl to change her Twitter handle”

  1. are we wearing our Social Justice Warrior hats today? Yesterday many Total Drama commenters were using the C-word and B-word.

    i guess today we pretend we’re against sexism to take shots at twit

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  2. I actually don’t care if Christina Warren changes her twitter handle or not. Do I think that her twitter handle, @Film_Girl is rather juvenile for her age? Certainly, however I do think you can be a “girl” at any age.

    What does rub me ironic is that as I feel this way I would never tweet her to change it. Why? The reason as we grow old our online footprints continue not to age. I understand this and accept this. I had a personal twitter exchange with Christina Warren where I asked her to explain further some dumb shit that spewed out of her mouth during a recent episode of This Week in Tech. Mind you I was very cordial in my wording and request.

    She avoided my topical question and her response to me, @goldenphallus, was ” Thanks for your concern. You have a real charming and mature username, dick.”

    Did I deserve the snark? Probably. However, she should have had enough respect for me to address the question seriously first and then follow up with the snark. I proceeded to block her from my twitter account and she blocked me as well. She came off as a fucking bitch to me and I don’t have time for her meaningless drivel but I will hold her accountable for it anyway I can.

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