Leo Laporte and his ugly wife on track to leave their kids with nothing

Is something shady going on?
They’re spending it all—there will be nothing left.

Leo Laporte and the hole-in-his-wallet known as Lisa “Kentzell” Laporte are on track to spend every dime of Leo’s money depriving his lazy kids of any inheritance. We’re not saying that’s a bad thing—just interesting to note that they have no desire to leave anything to them. Most parents prefer to see that their kids have something upon which to build a future when they depart, and we at TotalDrama don’t necessarily blame Leo ‘n’ Lisa. It’s just weird to see it play out on the livestream with talk of expensive televisions and toilets, $8,000 Leica lenses, European vacations and brand-new Audi automobiles.

Best of luck to Michael, Abby and Henry. You’re going to need it.

16 thoughts on “Leo Laporte and his ugly wife on track to leave their kids with nothing”

  1. As long as he gets paid from his radio show i think his kids will get paid.The world doesn’t need more trust fund kids but sadly that will never end

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  2. I wonder how much Leo has saved? His extravagant lifestyle must be supported in his old age.

    Or he will continue to broadcast from the tub; netcasts to tubcasts.

    Lisa will get a crane to move him from bed to tub.

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  3. I cannot in good faith totally agree with this article. Yoko has trained her spawn to live off welfare & other social services. They’ve also been well trained in (literally) sucking up to small rotund CEOs.

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  4. The children have more given to them than most families. Henry is attending the University of Colorado in Boulder. All of his expensives are bein paid by Leo. Abby attended one year of Bart. Plus she has had life issues that required Jennifer plus Leo to help her. He loves his family. The inherited work ethic may be lackin in his children. A person needs to be independent one day. They may have a hard time in this area. Time will tell. Hope they will be able to develop careers.

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  5. What makes you think that they’ll leave nothing behind? Doesn’t matter how much you spend as long as there’s enough coming in.

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  6. On the contrary. They plan to leave the children the task of paying off huge amounts of debt.

    She will probably divorce his fat backside when there is nothing left and TWiT is in imminent collapse. A quick resignation and that will be the final nail.

    Fat boy will keel over with a heart attack and kick the bucket. As the recipient of his insurance payout she will swan off to find a new man to gold dig and the two kids, dumb and dumber, will be left dealing with the mess.

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