It’s that time of year again to vote against TWiT

Vote your little hearts out, haters!
Vote your little hearts out, haters!

It’s that time of year again to cast your vote not only FOR other podcasts, but at the same time AGAINST any TWiT show in the 10th Annual Podcast Awards. All you have to do is promise not to vote for “This Week in Tech” and we all win!

It’s never been this easy to participate in the downfall of a shitty company.

Official Recommendations (from the comments)

Peoples Choice Serial
Best Video Podcast Night Attack (Banned by TWiT)
Comedy WTF w Marc Maron
Gaming The Instance (Unwanted by TWiT)
General Serial
Podsafe Music Coverville (Ignored by TWiT)
Politics No Agenda (Adam hates Leo and JCD)
Technology DTNS (Obvious)

14 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again to vote against TWiT”

  1. Here are official recommendations

    Peoples Choice: Serial
    Best Video Podcast: Night Attack (Banned by TWiT)
    Comedy: WTF w Marc Maron
    Gaming: The Instance (Unwanted by TWiT)
    General: Serial
    Podsafe Music: Coverville (Ignored by TWiT)
    Politics: No Agenda (Adam hates Leo and JCD)
    Technology: DTNS (Obvious)

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    1. JCD is co-host of the No Agenda Show.

      Adam and JCD poke fun at leo’s political views and ad supported network. They both think Mike Elgum is a terrible news anchor.

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  2. Alternatively, vote them up and Soup will waste tens of thousands of dollars on attending, buying a table at the awards dinner, food for all concerned and a top-end hotel stay for him and his beloved.

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  3. Why is the #2 host from twit, the star Padre not nominated for anything? Why is TWiT’s amazing talent Padre not in the top 100 tech shows on stitcher (besides Iyaz’s Know How) while floss weekly and ham nation are in top 100.


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  4. I’m with most of the choices but went with Slate Political Gabfest. n my mind slate puts out nice podcasts. Might be too normal for this crowd though.

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