Christina Warren’s husband’s family hates her

World-famous greasy wanna-be hippie and overrated “Today” show guest Christina Warren is apparently not only despised by the tastemakers at TotalDrama, but also by her husband’s family as well.

In this caustic tweet, “Film Girl” lays bare her disdain for her much better half’s kin:

No word yet on exactly why they hate her, but the editorial board at TotalDrama is prepared to venture a guess: It’s because she has horrible oily hair that she hides under a completely shitty hat.

8 thoughts on “Christina Warren’s husband’s family hates her”

  1. Other reasons for her in-laws hate include that she publicly wears tshirts that say “I stole your boyfriend” and “I fucked your boyfriend”. These are the actions of someone that has a stripper’s, hooker’s, and whore’s mentality. I am not even a little surprised that her husband’s family detests her. I look forward to watching Lisa Eadiccico continues to mature and feel more comfortable as a star female tech journalist so I can see and listen to more of her youthful insight and less of the bullshit that is constantly spewed out of Christina Warren’s mouth at an alarming rate!!!

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    1. Well said! Like Gum would want to us to do to one of his ‘hack’ pieces, I’ve got to give your comment a +1.

      Of course it could be ‘her’ family members that hate her, her mother, father and siblings.

      Her tweet just emphasizes what has been alluded to by people that quit working under her at Mashable because she was such a bitch!

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  2. This actually kind of interesting. I wonder what is going on. And if we should all be on Warren’s case it’s because much of what she says is completely made up, as if she were a 12-year-old. AND she’s obviously a fast talker stemming from massive insecurity.

    A bigger question might be why does Leo have her on so often?

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    1. How many days, weeks, months should we give her marriage? I suspect that it is sinking faster than the ratings for TNT did when Elgan took over from Tom Merritt!

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  3. I don’t know Christina Warren except by seeing her on TWiT. Would loved to have seen these t-shirts that you guys say she has worn. So I can’t comment on the t-shirts. However, how much do I want to read in one Tweet? Regardless whether it is her family or her husband ‘a family, you have to be yourself and care. Hope it is a pleasant self. I would view it as a negative Tweet. People Tweet out of frustration.

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  4. Maybe her days at Mashable are numbered and her husband doesn’t want to leave and move to Petaluma to be the replacement for Megan Morrone who will be an offsite producer once more and the main model for a new range of Thomas Dam style Troll dolls.

    Her poor abused husband not wanting to leave NYC for Petaluma and the sleep backwater world there spoke to his family who were up in arms about this forcibly making their family member travel where he doesn’t want to go, leaving his janitorial job at Mashable in the process to do what? Scrub the cum stains off the servers in the basement of TWiT!

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