“Least Favorite TWiT Staff or Contributor Award” prepares to take the world by storm

twitlogoround3TotalDrama is proud to announce the development of a new award that will extend Awards Season several weeks past the Oscars: The Least Favorite TWiT Staff or Contributor Award or what will be affectionally known as The Cunty.

Voting will open soon, but we wanted to let our loyal readers know as soon as possible so they can order their ball gowns and tuxedos in time for the big ceremony.

9 thoughts on ““Least Favorite TWiT Staff or Contributor Award” prepares to take the world by storm”

  1. I actually laughed. The Cunty’s can be male or female. I will be covered brown as usual. Probably shitting on bricks. So people will need to give me much space. Quite a few people need this award. We could do the ranking from worse to really worse. It really wouldn’t do. All of these folks could win an award. It will be like a Cinderella Ball. We will all live happy in the forest. Just as long as I don’t run out of toilet paper plus the commode doesn’t overflow. If it does, we all will need to trot to the Petaluma River!

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    1. Doo,
      Listen up shiteater. Your personal preferences on how you want to dress, eat or if you are a male piece of shit or a female piece of shit is not anyones concern, as the friends of total drama cope with it everyday. I am not pro-poo or anti-poo. You sound rather well spoken. I would encourage you to develop that side of your writings. And stay away from the darkside. There may be a membership in a very exclusive group of people for you.

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