TotalDrama outlasts Gigaom

Goodbye Gigaom
Goodbye, Gigaom.

Who would have thought that TotalDrama would have outlasted mega-tech site Gigaom? They have “ceased all operations” and are currently considering their next move.

So eat a dick, TotalDrama haters. We’re here for the long haul, motherfuckers.

Now that Gigaom has kicked the bucket, it looks as if Leo is going to have to scrape the bottom of the barrel even more to find guests for his shit shows.

6 thoughts on “TotalDrama outlasts Gigaom”

  1. So journalistic leaches running out of gullible investors to suck dry? Unpossible!

    Then again, it may be time for some extra house cleaning over at AOL, don’t you think? Like, say, in the pointless and expensive video production arm of a weblog?

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  2. Leo used to book Om Malik a lot on the show. And I think there were others.

    GigaOM was just another idealistic tech blog that pandered to the people they were covering. It did not help that Om Malik became something of a blow-hard posing with big cigars as if he was Tony Soprano.

    Apparently it was also a horrible place to work.

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    1. Gigaom never reported on Leo Laporte’s disgusting sexism against his female employees, or Chad’s firing or how much Mike Elgan sucks.

      That means that not only has TotalDrama outlasted Gigaom, we are also a better blog.

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  3. I am totally confused. I don’t think that GigaOm ‘s mission was to report on Tech gossip. Om Malik left about a year ago from the company he started to do something else. He had health problems awhile ago. He probably felt that he needed a change. He probably thought the company would do well. He is probably very sadden by what has occurred.

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