Leo gets pwned

Leo Laporte got pwned today by one of the heroes of the movement as he was attempting to describe a new service that allows tweeting from a web browser’s menu bar. He has since deleted the “test tweets” from the Futz.me service. But not before a TotalDrama spy was able to take a screengrab:

This is real.
This is real.

Later, #Soup got told off by Futz.me after Leo tweeted his displeasure with the service:

And now, here’s the video chronicling the entire affair that was made by an anonymous national treasure and sent to TotalDrama under cover of darkness (click on the center of the box to play):

No, Mathew. Leo was not hacked. He put it out publicly that he wanted people to test Futz. So somebody did.

And finally, here’s the reaction from the shut-ins in the TWiT chatroom (please use the scroll bar on the right of the text to see more):

<downclimb> Now Leo's last tweet says "Go to (vaynerchuk)a.eu". I think somebody's gotten access to his account
<bleak> what got hacked!?
*** ScooterX sets mode +b *!*@twitirc-56a15079.resnet.colorado.edu
*** ScooterX kicked downclimb (Look What You Did!)
<@ScooterX> Leo; your Twiiter account is compromised!
<Web4902> We can hear you guys
<arjavrawal> raygun01: what's on today's arena?
<darkroom08> read lips time
<gardner> that image should be the billboard
<gardner> yes we can ginatrapani
<ReverbMike> we can hear ya
* JoelH refuses to read Leo's lips durring secret time
<sxpert> Leo: your twitter account appears hacked
<menace> quick, mute leo
<cr1> Leo was saying vacuum. must be an appliance-related crisis.
<Web0328> still hearing
<donaldkelly_mbp> Yep, Leo needs to get on Twitter, someone got in via API.
<bleak> lol
<Uosdwis> Oopsie
<bleak> this is classic
<donaldkelly_mbp> oooops lol
<bleak> go disable futz's access leo
<HighTech> Leo has joined the ranks of the recently hacked?
<Web4902> Nice tweets, Leo!
<Web9412> Leo your twitter account was hacked
<FlyerScott> Agreed, I think Leos twitter got hacked?
<gardner> oopsy
<arjavrawal> Leo's twitter's been hacked
<@Houdini7> Leo knows. he's fixing it now.
<Specs> Wow. Huge problem.
<bleak> raygun01 - leo - Just go disable futz's access leo
berX has quit (Ping timeout: 182 seconds)
<Phlake> Oh no!
<+raygun01> he did bleak
<darkroom08> that will have to be Google Translates next update, read lips
<Web4902> Total drama is shutting down?
<bleak> cool
<CaptainBronco> Leo just got FUTZ'd
<menace> twitter at the end of the day is so so goofy
<HighTech> On FOX news: Leo Laportes' Twitter has been hacked?
*** ScooterX sets mode -b *!*@twitirc-56a15079.resnet.colorado.edu
<Web4902> Do you still recommend FUTZ, Leo?
<HighTech> -Am I muted?
<Web6184> Looks like Leo's twitter account has been hacked.
<Web4902> You might want to make an addendum in the show, Leo
<bleak> who are these people who hate twit but watch twit.... its just so weird
<@ScooterX> downclimb: the content you shared here was not welcome and thats what caused the ban
<FlyerScott> Sorry that happened Leo, glad you got it cleaned up
<Web4883> what is futz?
<DLR> do people know what "futz" means?
<Kisnet> no security
<Wumpermill> Title: 'Futz'd'
<Kisnet> ouch
<menace> but ya gotta ban leo
<arjavrawal> Title: Leo Gets Futzed
<Ither> Title: "I hate those green bubbles"
<HighTech> Wumpermill Hey- have I been muted?
<Web4902> I would recommend people not use it
<menace> then urban after the dust settles
<bleak> because its a bad idea
<its_me> Web4883: in secure
<Wumpermill> HighTech: i c u
<menace> unban
<bleak> lol
<Chickenhead21> SHOW TITLE: What the Futz is Going On
<Virgil> Leo: show title? Tiny Blue Bubbles
<HighTech> Wumpermill Thx! :)
<toedsloth> quite a circus you started there
<BigJinge> My Twitter notifications from Leo made it light up like a Christmas tree.
<Ither> Title: "I hate those green bubbles"
<bleak> but you'll publicise these idiots
<dagimar> Leo Title: "Spare us the Newlyweds"
<Web5924> Futz the green bubbles
<hopetindall> go Futz yourself
<Web4902> Wow, that was some adventure for the day haha
<FredFlintstone> Futz'd by Green Bubbles
<bleak> didnt he say "we're googley it google"
<dagimar> Leo Title: "A Lot to Expect of Normals"
<FreeWiFi> Show Title: Green Bubbles
<Wumpermill> 'Oh I/O, I/O!'
<dagimar> Doug
<bleak> didnt he say "we're googley at google"
<hopetindall> "Futz free"
<Chickenhead21> SHOW TITLE: Leo, the Blue Bubble Boy
<Web4902> Doug hacked leo's twitter!!
<dagimar> Leo Title: "Play the Trapanis"
<Wumpermill> 'Its a Small Instrument'
<bleak> dat green bub
<@ScooterX> Leo: You should delete the tweets that are still there
<arjavrawal> Futz Dose Green Bubbles
<jay> we're googley at google
<dagimar> Leo Title: "spare us the Newlyweds"
<HighTech> Hmmm. I've never been to Twitter...
<donaldkelly_mbp> @ScooterX - they all look to be gone on my end
<Web4001> If your iphone has a case of the blues you need to get out imore
<BigJinge> No, YOU'RE awesome! :)
<@ScooterX> donaldkelly_mbp; ah, now they are
<FredFlintstone> just happy to see Gina once in awhile
<arjavrawal> ScooterX: they're all gone
<bleak> leo should probably delete the futz/me tweet as well sine its a massive security flaw
<@OzNed> and now we all learned something ;)
<HighTech> So- you've been Futzed?
<Ither> Title: "I hate them green bubbles"
<werner> I thought this is a clean show, futz in Swiss German slang means c*, i.e. (vaynerchuk)!!!
<@ScooterX> downclimb: it was a quick response to the content you shared.
<TerryK> Thanks ginatrapnai and JeffJarvis_.  Outstanding show today.
<bleak> i screenshot it cause it was pretty funny
<@ScooterX> werner: family friendly please
<SCADA_Ron> Great Show Jina Jeff Jason and Leo
<bleak> thats awesome btw
<arjavrawal> bleak: it was hilarious wasn't in?
<arjavrawal> *it
<marsworm_> off to see the wizard cya
<jay> go pats
<Web5910> Futz isn't the problem, it's the giving out of the secret name
<bleak> arjavrawal: would have been funnier if they didnt promo a site written by pathetic losers
<Ither> Title: "I hate them green bubbles"
<Chickenhead21> His mom better make him a bowl of soup
<downclimb> That's okay, ScooterX. Even if it does break my streak of 8ish years in the TWiT IRC without a kick or ban.
<arjavrawal> bleak: They're just bitter and I don't blame them
<Web4001> I got a bad case of the iphone blues
<bleak> Web5910: the likelihood of someone overseeing a username that is written in plaintext is MASSIVE. its a bad idea
<arjavrawal> Bitter with the mods for kicking them
<bleak> arjavrawal: whatever. I like the mods, even though I have the prize for most bans in a year
<bleak> they need to grow a pair

39 thoughts on “Leo gets pwned”

  1. I guess I missed something. Why was he promoting this service? How long had he been using it before he decided to show it off? Had he even stopped to think for 2 minutes that it couldn’t possibly be secure? “Look, you just type a URL and it tweets!”. No thought about encryption, passwords, who built the service (they now have access to his account(s)), what they do with personal information, etc, etc.

    They *shouldn’t* cut the futz stuff out of the show… he should’ve immediately cut to talking about the difference between trusting all your priviate information to a company like, say Google, and a company about which you know absolutely nothing. There’s a great point to be made here.

    Or, just cut it out because you don’t want to give them “publicity” and you were embarrassed and let somebody else discover the problem on their own.


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  2. I was blocked by the fat guy and This week in Smelly of Jeff puts me to sleep. So i missed all this. But remember you talking about the guy that showed on air his live sex talk with his CEO. Then gets mad when people reported about it.

    This is also the guy that loves everything out of the box no matter what and a week later hates it.

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  3. I thought I was watching The Three Stooges.

    I wonder if Jarvis ever figured any of this out. He seemed clueless.

    Perfect example of Leo promoting something he doesn’t understand then getting burned.

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    1. Scooter panicked. The guy that go tossed probably lets his wife beat him while licking her feet.

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  4. Like I said before (my comment was deleted by the hypocrite who always whines about getting booted from the chat room), this isn’t a hack.

    Leo lives and experiments in public because he has courage.

    HelloWorld hides behind anonymity and pretends to hack when in fact he’s just abusing Leo’s openness because he’s a pussy, a lier and a troll.

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    1. You are truly a dense mother fucker. HelloWorld said explicitly in his post that it was *not* a hack. He didn’t try to say he hacked anything.

      Eat a dick.

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  5. The lovely and talented Sarah Lane was on TNT… I mean DTNS yesterday with Tom. Iyaz even stopped by for a bit! Guess this confirms suspicions about Leo and Lisa banning her from appearing on Tom’s shows…

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      1. Or it might have been that Sarah prepping for her daily show at 4 pm and driving up to Petaluma didn’t really mix well with recording another show in the 1:30 to 3 pm time slot.

        Also, it’s not really TNT until Sarah’s back home and in her PJs. 😉

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  6. TD I am truly sorry for the nasty things I have said. I am going through a bad time in my life. My wife Molly and I are trying to work through issues with my own gender identity .

    I have low self esteem problems and Molly telling me I am a worthless, broke dick bitch does not help. I am sorry for the nasty witless posts I have made. Please forgive me. This is your site I should not have intruded.

    I am going to get my nails done and to get a cute spring outfit.
    No hard feelings muh bitches.

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  7. To the fake Jason, go bite me. 😛

    I didn’t have the video on during the live stream Wednesday, but I was wondering why Leo cut the mic. Now I know.
    That’s one thing that bugs me about Leo, he will get suckered into things and then get upset when it doesn’t go well. He’ll never learn.

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    1. How dare you pretend to me! You are a horrid horrid person! I bet you are a troll on Twitter as well! Pretending to be me! I am so upset I will have to powder my nose my husband Jason did something terrible in the past few days as well, I had to increase his medication to compensate and I think I got his pills mixed up with mine, I only hope that birth control pills in a man doesn’t castrate them or something meanwhile I took his ritalin to keep him calm and under control and I am bouncing off the walls like a crazy bitch on her period!

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