Cutting Edge 3.0 Web Design Firm Exiting Stealth Mode

Four Toilets will be exiting stealth mode and bidding on the web design for the new TWiT website.

We believe that our ability to utilize open-source supply-chains and architect viral platforms will allow TWIT to optimize cross-media convergence.

Our competitive pricing will efficiently strategize competitive total linkage along with undercutting any other idiots.

We are looking for a whiteboard and some cool office chairs. Maybe a conference table.  Any contributions will receive a cool plaque and mention in the page source of the new website.

Job listings will be found on all the usual websites.  We understand there’s an app for that.

Currently looking to fill the following:

Forward Marketing Director
Product Quality Facilitator
Internal Factors Liason
Soup Chef (Internal)

While our bespoke site is being crafted here is our placeholder.

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