Satire? Is that what this is?

Total drama is not “Charlie Hebdo.” We don’t aspire to discussing the great issues of the day. In the end we set a low target, really low; TWiT.

We watch it obsessively, track Leo’s every mouthfull and even follow the escapades of the TWIT Freed.Tom Merritt, Iyaz Akhtar, Sarah Lane, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young. And those who are Freed but refuse to leave, Chad Johnson being our current example.

And we post videos, cartoons, insulting articles and even more vile stuff. We post Twitter chats that have been leaked to us or unearthed by our cracked team of investigative reporters.

Has this engendered discussion? Yes.

Has TWiT changed as a result? Arguably no. In fact they seem to be worse.

So I think to really put TotalDrama over the top we need a real cartoonist. Someone who can do a hairy ass or exaggerated belly. We don’t pay much; actually nothing. But we can guarantee a lot of traffic and many insults.

If you are lucky Padre, Lisa or Leo will attempt a takedown.

email If that bounces it means our IT department is the worst on the planet.

45 thoughts on “Satire? Is that what this is?”

  1. You’re a stalker. A creep. You’ve dedicated your life to biting at the heels of someone you appear to hate.

    Tom Merritt, Iyaz Akhtar, Sarah Lane, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young and Chad Robertson have all decided for their own reasons to leave TWiT and pursue other things, which happens at every broadcast network.

    You act like TWiT as it was two years ago was the ultimate perfection that should, never, ever change until the end of time. As if you have some pathological opposition to change, and believe change to result only from evil doings.

    Normal people move on. Why can’t you?


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  2. Bill: The only explanation for the TWiT-obsessed trolls (like the owner of is that he secretly he secretly loves Leo.

    He’s like a jilted lover.

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  3. “We watch it obsessively, track Leo’s every mouthfull and even follow the escapades of the TWIT Freed.Tom Merritt, Iyaz Akhtar, Sarah Lane, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young. And those who are Freed but refuse to leave, Chad Johnson being our current example.”

    Sarah still does iPad Today, her podcast. Chad still does Giz Wiz, his podcast. Is it fair to say Chad refuses to leave and Sarah doesn’t?

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  4. I think the contents and comments are too inciting to hide behind satire.

    Only a matter of time until someone crosses a line [if they haven’t already] and then there will be consequences.

    Yelling fire in a theater isn’t funny, and you can’t accuse people of illegal and horrible things to try and start shit without accepting any of the blame when it hits the fan.

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  5. Leo is not really that fat. Every thing at twit is great. Tech and news combined is not boring and #twitlive is not a cult . Everything is great.

    Who needs show prep when you have talent?

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  6. Judas: Who cares if Leo is fat or not? If you like his podcasts, listen. If you don’t, don’t. It’s tech. He’s not a supermodel or a basketball player.

    I think it’s really weird that grown men are all concerned about another man’s weight.

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    1. Scott good job.

      Now are you ready to quit your job and leave your pension behind to join the totaldrama team for ever?

      Once you join a cult you cant un join.

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  7. Dear Janet and Bill.
    Have you ever seen or been somewhere you loved and watched it get destroyed? Like the Mission in SF after the shady landlords learned they can get more money renting to illegal alien families at 14 people per 2 bedroom legally, than geeks, punks and hipsters. I saw that place become Santa Fuckin Ana in 3 years. Same goes for us fans of what TWIT was, not is now. Sure the guys here can be ultra snotty and bashing, but I play FPS since 1994 so I am used to it and love the satire vulgar fun. Hell I listen to Tom Leykis!
    Bill your comment about all those guys leaving twit was half correct, you left out the after math. And name calling makes you look like one of them dude!
    Janet, you seem nice so I will say this as nice as possible…
    I know what I am talking about when I say “YOU get Zero points for rehashing old lines from the teacher!” and in my opinion you might need more time in that IRC to understand what and why this site exists.
    But then again who the Fuck am I? Just some guy , wrong place wrong time story of my life Al!

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    1. TWIT was not destroyed. It is better than ever. It’s only “destroyed” for people who can not deal with any change. All those people who left are still broadcasting, so why don’t every body go enjoy their shows and forget bout TWIT?

      Why obsession? Why trolling? Why lies and fake names and devoting hours and hours every day trying to fuck with people who are trying best?

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  8. I just miss Twit being fun…Windows Weekly is about the only thing I enjoy anymore, TWIG is a bitchfest about twitter, Macbreak has become boring because no one drives the show, Leo has checked out and is not paying attention to the shows anymore.

    Security Now used to be good when Leo would pop on and ask a question so the audience could catch up with what Steve was talking about. Now he’s too busy looking at his new phone or whatever shiny object has caught his eye.

    I miss the old Twit with an engaged Leo…we need engaged Leo back.

    Also, I just want to point out that this site has cleaned up its act a little bit and I like that. There’s a long ways to go but I can still see this place being a better Twit confession blog than trying to be some weird “satire” blog.

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    1. “I just miss Twit being fun…Windows Weekly is about the only thing I enjoy anymore,”

      That’s because Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley make that show awesome. I understand Mary Jo isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but she complements Paul very well (better than Andrew Zarian). The TWiT host of that particular show plays no meaningful role whatsoever.

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      1. I think Mary Jo is great, and the fact that she has this whole other life as a beer/craft brewer expert and writer for years is a cool one. Seems to be a fun lady there that often lets her wry sense of humor peek out.

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      2. Exactly! Windows Weekly is a show with Two hosts that can carry the show and make it interesting. In my opinion none of the other shows have that, which is why you need an engaged Leo

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    1. Sorry i couldn’t tell if you were making a play on words with “engage”…I mean, He’s not as much of an active participant in the shows like he once was. Not saying that he has to drive the show (that’s the hosts job), he should provide a little more feedback during the show, y’know ask more pointed questions and whatnot. I mean, just watch anytime Mary Jo or Paul go on about Microsoft minutiae, Leo checks out big time and starts looking at his phone or worse eating.

      I’m not going along with the other derogatory comments on this site about his weight or #soupguzzler or whatever…all I’m saying is can he hold off on eating during the middle of a show? I understand a man has to eat but schedule some break between shows or something! If you’re eating in the middle of a show, you are not engaging in the show.

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  9. Muddy: Who cares what “motivates Leo.” Do you have any idea how many podcasts are out there now? Literally thousands with hundreds of tech. Why is everyone on this stupid site fixated on TWiT? Just choose another podcast. Jesus. What a bunch of losers.

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  10. The people who run this blog are obsessed over Leo, because they don’t have real lives. If they did, they wouldn’t be doing videos, watching TWiT 24/7 to see what horrible things Leo is doing, and they wouldn’t be making their own sexist comments (ie, CEHO, calling me and other women cunts).
    I’m here because I need to defend TWiT and I do have a life.

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  11. Muddy: Don’t and Ben compare me to him. I like be TWiT, but Needles gets annoyed ng after awhile. :p
    I just come here for the laughs and to realize how much better my life is compared to say me of you.

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    1. Well! I’m completely out of bounds then – I thought you were here to feed your delusions – my sincere apologies to you, the Business Analyst and your sizable yoga pants

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